Guest Request 40A repeat guest, but one who wished to remain anonymous for this request, had a complex one in mind. It involved most of the male Avengers, and so Trevor invested heavily in lookalikes for celebrities not yet on the island, such as Tom Holland above. Today was going to be quite fun.The whole slew of Avengers were fighting Thanos. The Wakandan palace had been turned into a hospital and command base, and that’s where the females were. Natasha has sustained substantial injuries, and Wanda transported her there. Meanwhile, Shuri and the other Wakandan females were focusing on attacking Thanos when they all heard a very loud snap.Thanos was hoping to see half of the people attacking him disappear into nothing. That didn’t happen. “SHIT!” he screamed, and quickly found out what he had done. Tony had got out of the Hulk-Buster and was stripping down to his skivvies, followed by the rest of the male superheroes. Even King T’Challa and Steve were nude on the battle field. And then the orgy started to occur. Ripped superhero bodies piled over one another to kiss and fuck whoever Thanos’ snap had desired them to. Thanos himself was in a bit of a sticky situation, not involving cum, yet.The Infinity Gauntlet had a cooldown time for massive changes, such as turning the male population gay. He couild only do so much without it, and he feared that he might get turned on by the massive amount of pheromones being given off by the horny as fuck superheroes. So, he used a much less powerful spell to warp himself to Antarctica, and wait there until the spell wore off. Back in Wakanda, the superheroes were in full-fuck mode. There were some obvious pairings happening, such as a Bucky, Cap, and Tony threeway, as well as Thor and Hulk fucking. Others were a bit more out of the blue, such as T’Challa and Peter, or Hawkeye and Vision, surprisingly. Those only consisted of a flip-flop between the two, after they sucked and fucked each other. Then there was a massive switch, as the horny men needed even more cock to satiate their needs. Some events could only happen with superheroes, such as Hulk being quintuple-penetrated, and Vision using his powers to bring any sex toy imaginable to the field. To the women in the castle, they were freaking out. It only affected males, but men were fucking in all corners of the castle. This included many door guards, blocking them in. The room the three superheroes were in was quite high up, and Wanda was unsure how her magic would react with the strong residual stuff left by the Infinity Gauntlet. “I can’t risk it, girls. Sorry. Shuri, get the message out to as many people as possible.”“On it!” Back on the battlefield, the superheroes showed no signs of stopping. Thankfully, some of the more adventurous superheroes, like Peter, were starting to shoot blanks, which dried up their sex drive, but not their attraction to men. Peter became the sucker of the group, for the men who could still ejaculate semen. Thanos was shocked at how long this was going on for. The Gauntlet was already to go again, and he had the dissipating snap ready, but it was much fun and erotic to see all of these superheroes go at it. Being an intergalactic conqueror left little time for sexual endeavors.By this time, more and more superheroes had started to dry up. Steve, of all people, was still going strong, depositing cum in asses and mouths of willing men. It was quite the hilarious sight to see, especially for someone who upholds strong values. Tony and T’Challa were now working on the logistics of how to get these men into the castle, and where they were to stay. That problem was easily solved when they heard another loud boom, and half of the men covered in cum slowly disappeared, never to be seen again.Requests are always open. | Patreon

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