Request Updates, Yet Again!

Hi followers!

So, I just hit the 400 followers mark, which was my goal for this announcement. The request format is changing yet again, but not drastically. There are now two paths: free and paid.


Free requests are just the normal requests that have always been on the blog. Same rules as before, but if there is a large number of photos to spiralize, that will require payment. Large in this case means 25 or more at a time.


Paid requests have all the rules and guidelines as a normal request, but for a small fee, get moved up to the top of my queue. Each day can only have one paid request, as per the nature of it; however, you can book up to a week of requests at one time. Please note that if a new celeb or person needs to be introduced, that counts as one day. Rates are a dollar per day, and five dollars for a whole week. Payment options will be discussed through PM, as well as any paid manipulations. 

Finally, don’t forget I have my own Patreon! You can see exclusive stories with my own edits, and soon to come, Daz3D renders and a long-form story I can’t wait to get out into the world! Any questions, don’t hesitate to PM or drop an ask. And please note, I really don’t fucking care if I write all your requests for free. This is just a way for me to make a little extra cash on the side doing something I love and something you enjoy.


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