On the Farm: A Celebworld Miniseries

The Bulls

While personal requests had dried up for the time being, Trevor brought in John to consult on a fantasy the two had concocted during one of John’s many times on the island. It involved most of the celebs being involved in animal play, specifically those on the farm. They were split up into four main categories: bulls, horses, dogs, and others. Part of that was due to the lack of animal play animals on the farm, but Trevor assured his investors that this would pay off handsomely. Since the investors were only him, Dr. Chris, Mischa, and Roscoe, Dr. Chris’ friend, it didn’t matter too much.

“Thank you for meeting me, Mr. Soffer,” said Jake Miller, as he exited his car. “I know selling your childhood home must hurt a lot.”

“It does, but money makes the world go round. And money’s starting to dry up fast. No one is interested in my animals anymore.”

“I see. So, introduce me to the animals I’m about to buy. Where would you like to start first?”

“Let’s go see the bulls.” Jesse gesticulated to the large barn next to the main house. 

“The house is included in the sale as well, I presume?”

“Yes it is. Even in its heyday, I was still renting out rooms to people just because it was so fucking big. Some people rely on that housing for sharecropping gigs and the like, but it’s your house now.”

“I see. Thank you, Mr. Soffer.” Jesse punched in an alphanumeric code on the keypad, and Jake got the first look at the bulls he was about to buy. This was no ordinary farm. Humans played the roles of the animals here, both psychologically and the extent that they could, physically. The stalls were marked with the names of the bulls, who were actually the humans. They included Kellan, JJ, Jake, Luke, Ryan, Steve, Tim, Chris, and countless others that he couldn’t see. “So, how does this all work?”

“Let me show you,” Jesse explained, as they entered the closest stable, Kellan’s. “As you can see, his cock is linked up to a suction device that sucks the sperm away from him and into the system, which is deposited under the main house. There, the workers sort the milk if necessary, and bottle it to be sold to supermarkets nationwide.”

“Wait, how does the separation work?”

“Each bull in here has different-colored cum, as a side effect of all the drugs we’re pumping into them. It’s a very light tint, and there is a machine that removes it in the processing plant. As I mentioned, that IV is pumping these bulls full of drugs, including Viagra, a tranquilizer solution, and proprietary drugs that cause sperm to be replenish much faster than usual, and with a low refractory period as well.”

“So, if the bull is characterized by stuff about its cock, why not have a big balled twink here?”

“Ah, let’s walk down to the end, and I’ll show the real reason for the bulls.” Jesse and Jake walked almost to the end of the barn, and into a stable marked Evans. There, the set up was quite similar, except suction cups had now been applied to his nipples. “Chris here is undergoing the real reason for muscle bulls. What people don’t know is that males naturally produce milk as well. However, it is so miniscule of an amount that men don’t notice it. The drugs here contain another mixture that introduces the milk-inducing hormone without any of the side effects. We quickly learned that male pec milk is inexplicitly linked to their muscle mass, so bulls like Chris or Kellan provide enough muscle milk for quite a while. As they get closer to the entrance, natural steroids are added to the IV for them to regain normal muscle mass as before.”

“So Kellan is next to be milked from his pecs?”

“Yes, we loop around. Kellan is one of our best producers here, with his insanely muscular body, not to mention the balls the sizes of my forehead!” laughed Jesse. 

“So, is this where most of the profit comes from?”

“Yes, but I’m selling because this is all under-the-table, of course.”

“Have you never had an auditor come to the property before?”

“I have, many times, but the brain-dead quality of many of the animals leads to an easy reprogramming, and one of the hottest fuck sessions these auditors have seen.” 

“Okay. So, I’ve seen enough of the bulls. I heard the horses on this farm are much more hands-on?”

“Yes, they are, Mr. Miller. If you would, follow me.”

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