On the Farm: A Celebworld Miniseries

The Horses

Jake and Jesse made their way over to a large fenced-in field, where tons of other celebs were in the midst of pony play. Jesse really had them play the part, with their legs pulled in to each other to simulate a real horse’s legs. Their butt plug tails were fucking humongous, and each of them had saddles for the ready.

“So, people ride these like a normal horse?”

“Yes, but there is now no fear of bucking or falling. Our horses are fed oats coated in the same solution our bulls eat, so they are quite docile and easily trainable.”

“Okay. Can I have a spin on one of them?”

“Of course. Liam, come over here.” The younger Hemsworth brother trotted over to the best of his human ability. He neighed, and then lowered his back enough so Jake could get on. “Slap his ass,” noted Jesse. “That’ll prompt him to walk on the trail surrounding the fence.”

Jake did so, and Liam was off. He was surprisingly quick for a man using his knees to walk, but stable enough that Jake felt perfectly safe on him. He tested the commands he knew from a friend who rode, and most of them Liam did. The ones he missed were a bit complex and more geared towards an actual horse. They arrived at the gate, and Liam dropped down again to let Jake off. He then trotted away.

“That was pretty realistic, Jesse. But how did these ponies become your highest paid attraction, even on adult-only days?”

“Let me show the real reason for the men here. Jimmy!” The 49ers’ QB galloped over, and Jesse removed the mouth pieces of the reins. “Take out your cock.”

“He’s going to suck me off?”

“Yeah. We tried to genetically engineer horsecocks onto them, but it didn’t turn out so well. So, we trained them to suck you off.”

“Okay.” Jake snaked out his cock, an above average sized dick, but not on a human horsecock level yet. He watched as Jimmy took over once he put his cock in the football star’s mouth. For safety reasons, only Jake could pull out and push it in, but Jimmy didn’t hesitate to lick and suck on whatever part of Jake’s cock was in his mouth at the present moment. It was one of the most euphoric experiences that Jake had ever felt, and the resulting cumshot rocked both men.

“Wow, that was fucking great,” Jake sighed as he zipped up his jeans. “Do people pay extra for that?”

“Yeah, it’s included in our adult admission fee. And one final thing about these horses: we rent them out.”

“To whom?”

“Dominatrixes are really into pony play, and these men will never complain about it. They are quite the sizable source of income, but only three can be rented out for the day.”

“Noted. So, what’s next to see?”

“Let’s go over to our kennels and meet the dogs on this farm.”

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