On the Farm: A Celebworld Miniseries

The Dogs

Jesse and Jake walked over to the kennels, with the doghouses and a wide open field, much like the horses. The dogs were quite similar, but they had pup masks on, in a variety of different breeds. All of them were also insanely hairy.

“What’s up with that?” asked Jake.

“They’re genetically engineered to have the same fur or hair as their breed.” 

“So, if I feel the hair on your Shih Tzu, for example, it would feel just like my own dog’s fur?”

“More likely than not, yes!” Jake also noticed the various tails the dogs had, mirroring their real life breeds as well. 

“So, are these dogs trained in commands?”

“Yes, and they are much more complex than the horses. Here, Taylor!” Jesse screamed. Mr. Lautner, in full pup regalia, bounded over to Jesse. “Sit.” Taylor did so, tongue panting. “All of them are trained in simple commands, and a handy guide at the kennels tells you which of them know more complex commands, like a high five, for example.”

“Noted. And what breed is our friend Taylor supposed to be?”

“He’s a dachshund. They only have a thin coating of fur, so Taylor’s not the best example to show it off.”

“And what about sexual stuff with the dogs? I assume the tails are still firmly lodged in, like with the horses?”

“Yes, but since these dogs are not caged as well, and have much more flexible legs than the horses do, they can fuck you as well.”

“I want to see how that works!”

“Okay. Justin, here!” The newly married pop star ran over to Jesse, and patiently waited for his next command. “Suck,” Jake said, with his cock out and ready to do so. Justin literally bounded onto the cock, and started to suck Jake off. He could pull in and out as well, so Jake had a lot of fun letting Justin caress his cock and pulling out when he needed a short break. It was weirdly erotic to see a human dressed up like a dog fuck him, and not being able to speak in English at all. The grunts and moans transcended animals, but all the barking and yipping was Justin’s way of communicating with Jake. He once again shot a monster load, this time covering Justin’s face mask with his milky sperm. 

“Fuck,” he then commanded, getting on the ground, with his ass ready. Justin had to use the mounting method only, as his hands and feet were in paws as well, and he couldn’t hold on to something. Jake had been fucked before, but never by a person in pup play. It was weird hearing dog noises coming from behind him, but much like before, it was strangely turning him on. Justin was doing a fine job fucking him, as he pulled out and rammed himself back inside Jake’s meaty ass just like a regular human would. After a few minutes of having a dog fuck him, that same one came in his ass. Since Justin couldn’t vocalize he was about to cum, Jake was not expecting that. 

Once Justin was done, he pulled out and then bounded away, cum still leaking from his cock. Jake, on the other hand, still had cum leaking out of his asshole as he pulled his pants up.

“Golden Retriever, right?”


“And I noticed all the dogs have collars on them? Can they be leashed?”

“Yeah, you can rent a dog for the day. They’ll follow you around, and they can even engage in sex with other animals.”

“That sentence would put both of us in jail if it wasn’t referring to humans!” joked Jake.

“Very true. And now for the final group of animals, which is a bit of a hodgepodge of a lot of different animals, with quite a few one-offs. This group is the second most valuable to the farm, however.”

“Lead the way!”

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