On the Farm: A Celebworld Miniseries

The Rest of Them

Jesse and Jake made their way to yet another barn on the property. This one was not biometrically locked, though, and Jake could see why. Once he entered, he saw all different kinds of animals represented in here, with an animal rarely having more than one human. 

“Our biggest draw here is the pigs.” Jesse gesticulated to a group of muscular men painted pink with a pig tail rammed up their ass. “Sometimes, muscle men can’t be bulls, as there is something wrong internally. It could be a disease, or just their milk tastes horrible. So, they get sent here and put on a diet of whatever. We monitor the weight to make sure they are not 100% unhealthy, but there is a stark difference from their normal weight.”

“I can definitely see that. So, do the pigs contribute to the high amounts of income coming from this barn?”

“As a matter of fact, they very much do. Feeders, some sexual fetishists who get hard by watching others eat, love to feed our pigs. We have a stream of regulars that come in practically daily and feed them to their heart’s content. It’s a bit weird, but they pay handsomely.”

“And what about sex, for any animal in this barn?”

“Yes, but with some exceptions and stipulations. For our pigs, the option is still viable, but not too many partake. We know it’s because they’re fat, and most people in society are still fat-phobic. And the feeders are only concerned about their sexual desires, not the animals.”

“I see. So, what else do we have around here?”

“Let’s take a walk.” Jesse and Jake walked the length of the barn, again, peeking into the stables and seeing what animals lived there. There were a pair of cats, some bears, some otters, practically every animal term for a gay man, and most surprising of all, a fucking dolphin.

“What’s Sam’s deal?” Jake asked, referring to the Olympic gymnast. 

“He has an uncanny ability to breathe underwater for like fifteen minutes or so. He brings in most of the cash from here as well, after the pigs.”

“Oh, okay. So, Jesse, I’ve seen enough. Let’s get down to business.” 

“Certainly. Let’s go to my office in the main house. After you.”

“Why, thank you.” Jake only had a short time period to react before he felt a sharp pain in his back. “Hey! What the fu-” Jake never finished, as he collapsed to the floor, unconscious. 

“That fucking bitch thought I was going to sell my livelihood to him! I just needed a way to lure him here so I could add him to my collection.” Jesse then called in some guards to take Jake away and get him ready to live on the farm. 

Jake did wake up before living on the farm, but he didn’t realize it. He was strapped tightly to a dentist’s chair, and bombarded with spirals, binaural beats, and Jesse’s voice droning on about how good of a dog he would be, and to just give in to his canine desires. Eventually, Jake did so, with his constant screaming turning into barking. 

“Look, Mommy!” said a kid, during the time that all animals had their “natural coverings” on. “It’s a new dog! What’s his name?”

She referred to the list just outside the kennels. “That’s Jake, dear. He’s a Siberian Husky. Do you want to pet him?”

“Yes, Mommy, I do!” Jake then got his first taste of living life as a dog, and he was quite literally none the wiser. Jesse smirked as he watched the security cam footage. 

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