iCloud WoesNick Jonas was on a press tour for his new album coming out. It was quite a bit more adult in nature, containing some pretty explicit lyrics about Priyanka, who approved it beforehand. But what critics were interested in the most was “Full Mast”, another name for an erection. It didn’t take too much subtext to realize this was talking about a same-sex encounter, but with who? The tabloids and even Hollywood Reporter ran with this information. Today’s press stop was at Ricky and Mickey’s LGBT Morning Show. Nick arrived early, as usual, but was surprised to see the two cohosts waiting in his dressing room.“Hey, guys, aren’t you supposed to be on the radio?”“It’s our 8:00 no talking hour. No commercials or cute little bumpers from us,” explained Ricky.“Which leaves up with exactly an hour to focus on this. You’d better sit down, Nick,” added Mickey. Nick did so, reluctantly, and Ricky turned on the laptop on the table. He typed in some stuff, and then turned it back to Nick. “Press play,” he said to the pop star. He did, and what he saw shocked him.“Is it all set, Nick? Sophie said she could be coming back today!”To finish reading the rest (of this admittedly quite short) story, become my Patron. Only one cent a month gets you hot stories like this one, and hot Daz3D art!

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