Roscoe was traveling to another gym today to stake out Randy Canché, another fitness model for his harem. Unlike with Scott, he didn’t have a daily schedule, so Roscoe had to improvise a bit. A bit of flirting with the front desk receptionist, clearly a closeted gay, got him into the locker room with a master key card. He left a note in Randy’s locker, and hoped it would work.

It did, when the doorbell on the apartment he “rented” for the night rang. Randy was given an address to meet to fuck a voluptuous Latina woman, actually one of Roscoe’s good friends who got a fat paycheck whenever her attributes needed to be used. Roscoe opened the door, much to the shock of Randy.

“Come on in,” he ordered, his rainbow eyes in full effect.

“I will come inside.” Randy had a dramatic shift in tone and appearance, all thanks to Roscoe’s intense hypnosis. Roscoe then locked the door behind him.

“Strip naked for me.”

“I will strip naked for you.” Randy did so, and revealed a smoking hot body and a sizable cock.

“Get hard for me.”

“I will get hard for you.” Randy began jerking himself off until he was totally erect. It was a quite large 9”.

“I am your master, Randy.”

“You are my master, sir.”

“You will do whatever I tell you to.”

“I will do whatever you tell me to, Master.”

“Good. Now put this on and follow me to my car.” Roscoe procured another outrageous thong, this time in bright yellow. The few residents walking around the halls didn’t even bat an eye at this strange occurrence. The two made their way to the warehouse complex, where everything was finalized. Roscoe also used his new tool Trevor’s scientists had sent him, which put the men under many layers of hypnosis, but still allowing the layer either Chris, Mischa, or himself put on the men to be on top, adding even more protection.


Randy and Scott were playing basketball on a secluded court. Both were wearing tank tops, and short running shorts. They of course had basketball shoes on, and you could easily make out their cocks flapping about in the shorts.

“Let’s make it a little more interesting,” said Scott, after shooting around for a bit. “Let’s play strip horse.”

“But we’re only wearing four pieces of clothing,” noted Randy.

“Loser has to be bottom when we fuck after this.”

“You’re on, bro!” The two muscular men played an intense game of horse, making tons of ridiculous shots one after the other. Scott was winning for a bit, but then Randy made a comeback. Right now, both are nude, having missed four shots apiece. Next miss was going to be the bottom.

“180 spin eyes closed,” announced Scott, who got into position before attempting the shot. It miraculously went in, and nothing but net as well!

“Shit!” screamed Randy. “You couldn’t fucking do that again if you tried!”

“But I made it, bro, so you have to shoot.”

“Fuck me,” said Randy as he got into position. His shot actually made it to the net, but bounced off the backboard and onto the court again.

“Look who’s going to be taking this cock today!” said Scott, jerking it up and down. Randy just scoffed and went to get dressed, so the two could safely travel to Scott’s house.

Once they did, Scott locked his bedroom door, and the two stripped nude for the second time that day.

“Do you want to get fucked or suck me off, man? I can’t cum twice in such a short period of time.”

“Fuck me,” said Randy, with a devilish twinkle in his eye. The two bros were no strangers to literally fucking around, but Randy had never told his bro he loved to get it in the ass as well.

“Let’s do it!” Scott announced, and grabbed the lube from his nightstand. He coated his cock in it, and then rammed it straight into his best friend’s ass. Randy was loose enough that that wasn’t torturous, but Scott always had a knack for finding his prostrate quickly.

“Fuck!” moaned Randy as Scott hit it for the first time.

“Still got it!” laughed Scott as he continued to attack the ass. Even though the stench of sex wasn’t in the air, BO was. The two men had worked up quite a sweat on the court, and Scott used it as fuel. Musk had always gotten him hard, which necessitated protective measures in the locker room from a young age. Randy knew it had kicked it when he felt Scott’s balls repeatedly slap his ass, knowing he was getting into the mood.

“Fuck, dude! You always know how to do me right!”

“Randy, I fucking lost my virginity to you,” Scott replied, accentuating it with a massive thrust. “Of course I know how to do you right!”

A few minutes later, Scott was getting ready to cum. “Where do you want it?” he painfully got out.

“Give me a fucking facial!” Randy announced, and pulled out and put his head right under Scott’s dick. Showing amazing self control, he didn’t cum until Randy was in position. A whole lot of cum came spewing out of his cock, covering his bro’s face in his milky juices. Randy had his mouth open, and got quite a bit of it. He used his tongue to lick up even more, and once Scott was done, he licked some of his cum up as well, to help clean his face off.

“I fucking need a shower,” said Randy as the two fell back on the bed, movie-style.

“Yeah, you fucking reek, bro, and Danielle doesn’t like cum on our sheets.”

“She’ll never know it was on my face first!” laughed Randy as he got up, flicking some of the residual cum onto a pillow.

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