Guest Request 41

@grant-spiraltf , also known plainly as Grant, was back on Celebworld with another request, this one a bit different from the rest. It would mostly involve some random stranger, but have a strong celebrity component as well. It would involve the newly processed Metodi, who also needed to get the penile injection to make his cock at least normal size.

“Thank goodness this isn’t a sex-based fantasy,” noted Trevor, as he oversaw the photo shoot that the fantasy would revolve around. “The team says no sex for 72 hours after injection!”


Jay was scrolling through the #muscle tag on Instagram. Most of the men were basic Insta thrist traps, but one guy in particular caught his eye. Metodi Spasov had a photo of himself in a ridiculously tight grey shirt, with muscles bulging everywhere. He immediately clicked the follow button, and got back to scrolling through the posts.

The next day, while scrolling through his feed, he noticed Metodi had posted again, his first in a while. It was a shirtless photo with a comparison of a twink at the gym, who was quite laughably smaller than the muscle hunk. Jay then had a sudden urge to search through tags again, but instead of #muscle, he searched for #muscledom. He didn’t think too much of it, but this tag lead to many more videos of so called alphas, berating other gays. Jay was a bit turned on by this, but he didn’t notice that either. His kinks were eclectic and varied.

A couple days later, Metodi posted yet another photo. He had turned on post alerts so he didn’t miss any of them. It was another shirtless thrist trap, which he liked. However, he typed in to his internet search engine, slutty clothes for men. He didn’t realize he was doing that, and ordered some clothes from Versace, not batting an eye at the price or the fact nothing would be covered up. Once they arrived, he started wearing them much more often than his regular clothes.

A few days later, he was scrolling through his Grindr messages after liking another Metodi photo. He had changed his preferences to muscle doms who wanted to fuck an effeminate sub, which he was slowly but surely turning into. Quite a few local men replied, and Jay ventured out that night to get fucked by one for the first time. He fucking loved it, and couldn’t wait for do it again.

A couple weeks passed, and after liking a Metodi post every single day, Jay was thoroughly brainwashed into becoming a submissive slut for muscle hunks like Metodi. He sold his services on Chaturbate, and received enough funds to open his own website, producing content that was pretty much the opposite of Austin Wolf’s. People paid to see him get fucked by alpha male studs, not the other way around.

Metodi’s captor smiled to himself. A combination hypnotist and coder, it was easy to ensnare both the vapid muscle hunk and the boy attracted to him.

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