Next on Roscoe’s list was Andrew Neighbors. His last name had an interesting connotation, as Roscoe booted the neighbors out so that he could easily stalk his next victim. Andrew was laughably easy to hypnotize, as he decided to introduce himself to his new neighbor very early on.

“Hi. I’m Andrew,” he announced, after Roscoe opened the door.

“Oh! Hello, I’m Roscoe. I’m your new neighbor.”

“I know. That’s why I came over to talk to you.”

“Oh, let me get cleaned up first, and I need to go the bathroom too!”

“Oh, I can wait!” laughed Andrew. “Is in here fine?” he gesticulated, pointing to the living room.

“Of course.” Roscoe actually did need to go, but it also had the purpose of charging up his hypno eyes so this inane conversation wouldn’t last for much longer.

He exited the bathroom, and Andrew turned to look at him, only to fall under his control.

“Get naked for me.”

“I will get naked for you.”

Andrew stripped completely, revealing a jacked but twinkish body. His cock wasn’t half-bad, either. “Get rock hard for me.”

“I will get rock hard for you.” Andrew did so, and revealed an adequately sized cock, topping out at 7″. 

“I am your master.”

“You are my Master, sir.”

“You will do whatever I say.”

“I will do whatever you say, Master.”

“Now let’s see what you have in your closet.” Roscoe and Andrew left his house, with Andrew clad in a pair of speedos with his cock emblazoned on the back. Roscoe was shocked he would even own something like that, but it only added to his humiliation. The two then drove to the warehouse complex, where Andrew was processed, and the next scene got ready to film.

“Hi, I’m Scott. I’m going to be your masseuse today,” said the muscled up middle-aged hunk of a man. “What are we focusing on today?”

“My lower back and my upper legs fucking hurt, man,” replied Andrew, clad in normal clothing. His masseuse, Scott, was in a tee and basketball shorts. 

“I see. So, I’ll leave for a moment to allow you to strip, and then call my name when you’re ready?”

“How far am I going?”

“With your areas, I recommend going completely nude. Massaging your buttocks will definitely help in these areas.”

“Okay.” Scott stepped out, and Andrew stripped completely nude. He laid on the table, and made sure his cock was covered. He wasn’t concerned too much about his ass, as Scott assured him it was all just part of the massage. “Scott!” he called out, and the hunky masseuse reentered the room. He squeezed out some lotion, and started to spread it all over Andrew. He then began the actual massage process. 

Scott started at the shoulders and worked his way down, relieving tension throughout. At about the midpoint of Andrew’s back, he spoke for the first time during the session.

“Hey, man, mind if I go shirtless? The owners crank it up in here because of the chemicals and shit, but we have a dress code to abide to.”

“No prob, man!” Scott took off his shirt to revealed his ripped upper body. He then continued going down the body, focusing most of his efforts on the areas just above and below the ass, as Andrew requested. Once his lower legs were all massaged, Scott moved on to the ass. He first started by kneading the fatty muscles of the ass, and then moved on to spreading them open, akin to stretching. He then moved his mouth closer to Andrew’s asshole and began engaging in some breathplay.

“What the fuck is going on?” asked Andrew.

“Oh, this room sometimes has a breeze,” explained Scott. “And assholes are quite susceptible to small changes in the wind.”

“Oh,” replied Andrew, and Scott finished massaging his ass. 

“It’s time to flip,” Scott said, and exited once again to allow Andrew some privacy to switch his cock covering over. He reentered after about a minute, knowing this was a fairly simple process for everyone. He shocked Andrew, though, who had his face exposed now, by entering in just his jock.

“What the fuck, man? I hope this isn’t some gay shit.”

“It’s not. It’s just that I get hot quite easily, and so it’s hard to cool down in this place.”

“Okay,” replied Andrew, still not 100% keen on the explanation. Scott resumed his massage, focused on some areas that couldn’t be massaged before, especially the legs. As he moved up the legs, he slowly and carefully kept pushing the towel covering Andrew’s cock off more and more, until one big thrust on a “knot” Scott had found, uncovered it completely.

“I think someone likes this a bit more than they’re letting on,” noted Scott, seeing Andrew’s cock half-hard.

“Shit, man! You can’t tell anybody! It’s just that you’re so fucking hot, with that ripped body of yours, and that monster cock that’s just dying to come out of those underpants.”

“You want to see it?” Scott then pulled down his jock to reveal a monster cock, just like Andrew envisioned. “Why don’t you get on your knees and suck it?”

“Yes, sir!” Andrew hopped down from the massage table and started to suck off Scott. For a man who was anti-gay just a few minutes ago, he clearly knew how to suck cock.

“Fuck, dude! I thought you were straight!”

“My best friend and I practiced on each other’s cocks for pussy licking,” replied Andrew, in between licks.

“Fucking hot, man!” replied Scott, who was a proud bisexual himself. He then quickly came without warning, due in part to the sexy idea of a threesome with this client and this hot chick he was dating. Andrew looked shocked as cum barreled into his mouth for the first time. He pulled out and spit, unfortunately coating Scott’s genital region in a mixture of his own cum and Andrew’s spit.

“On the ground!” barked Scott, who rubbed some of it off before ramming his cock into Andrew’s virgin asshole.

“What the fuck, man!” screamed out Andrew, after screaming in pain.

“Nobody fucks spit on me, boy,” seethed Scott, accentuating each word with a massive thrust that caused Andrew to yelp in pain everytime he went in.

“I’m sorry, sir! I promise you it will never happen again!”

“You’re damn right it won’t boy! I host a swingers’ party every Saturday, and we’re always looking for a willing cumdump from both sexes. You’ll go to them until I tell you to stop, or I’ll tell your coach you’re a fantastic cocksucker.”

“But wouldn’t Coach beat you up as well?”

“No!” replied Scott, with a particularly strong thrust. “He and I go way back, and he knows I swing both ways. His players, on the other hand, need to be pussy-chasing hounds, boy.”

“I know,” said Andrew, dejectedly, whose expression quickly turned to shock when Scott hit his prostrate. “Fuck, man! What’d you do?”

“You’ve lived a sheltered life, boy, if you don’t know what your fucking prostrate is!” Scott continued to ram into that, which made Andrew cum without too much effort. 

“I fucking came without touching my cock!”

“Welcome to the gay world,” Scott replied, as he pulled out and came for the second time today, coating Andrew’s toned back in oodles of his cum, less milky than usual, but still the same amount. 

“Fuck! Now I need to clean up my back!”

“Serves you right for spitting on me boy. I’ll give the address when you come to the front to pay.” Scott then left, and Andrew was forced to clean himself up, and walk through the building to get to the front desk, where Scott was patiently waiting. They exchanged cash and information.

“Don’t be late,” replied Scott. “Crisco-ing a virgin ass always takes a long time.”

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