Roscoe’s next victim was Roberto J. Portales, another fitness hunk. Much like the two gym rats beforehand, staking out the gym was not difficult, and Roberto loved to work out in the early morning hours, when no one else was around. So, it was quite easy for Roscoe to go in and hypnotize the staff into thinking he had paid to get in. He then began working out near Roberto. He followed him around the gym, and eventually made their way over to the weight bench. Roscoe had been gearing up for a hypnotic outburst, so when Roberto asked, “Hey, dude, can you spot me?” while looking straight at him, he fell under Roscoe’s control. 

He took the hypnotized hunk out to his car to issue commands, putting sunglasses on him first so no one would notice the crazy colored eyes. Once the doors were locked, Roscoe spoke up.

“I am your master, Roberto.“

“You are my Master, sir.”

“You will do whatever I tell you.”

“I will do whatever you tell me, Master.”

“Good. Now strip completely for me as I drive you to your new home.”

“Yes, Master.” Roberto stripped and revealed an above average cock, in addition to a slightly hairy chest and a forest around his dick. Roscoe made a note of them as Roberto was fully processed, and the newest porno was being set up. 

Dr. Portales was waiting for his next client to arrive, Scott. He was wearing his white doctor’s coat, with only a flimsy t-shirt underneath. He was wearing chinos and Vans, though, so he still looked stylish while also looking hot. Scott arrived in a plain short-sleeve shirt and sweats, and then plopped himself down on the table.

“Thanks for seeing me, doc, on such short notice.”

“No problem, Scott. Urological problems usually necessitate quick fixes. So, what exactly is the matter?’

“I think I spread my ass too wide, and now my dick’s staring to hurt really fucking bad.”

“How did it get so big?”

“I’m in a throuple with these fucking massive black dudes, and my hole’s gotten big enough for them to DP me no problem. I didn’t realize it would entail serious health issues, though.”

“I see. Take your bottoms off for me and turn your ass towards me once you are situated.”

“Yes, doctor.” Scott stripped his bottoms off, including his socks and shoes. As he was getting ready, Dr. Roberto was putting on gloves and getting the medical lube ready. Once Scott was ready, however, the problem was evident.

“Scott, your ass has infringed on the perineum and is causing pain to transfer to your cock, instead of pleasure, as is usually the case.”

“Can it be fucking fixed, doc? I don’t want to live my life in pain forever!”

“It’s a bit of an odd solution, Scott, but fucking with a normal-sized cock, such as my own, should cause some of the muscles to loosen up in the ass and stop pushing on your perineum. I would recommend no more DP from your couple, but judging from the size of your asshole, one at a time should certainly be enough.”

“So I need to find a random stranger to fuck me?”

“I can do it right here, Scott.”

“Do it!” he practically screamed. Roberto slipped out of his white coat, and stripped completely nude. He then lowered the table so that Scott’s ass was at a normal height for his cock, and then he entered. It didn’t make any loud noises, as his cock didn’t touch any of Scott’s walls initially. Roberto had to use some effort to hit Scott’s anal walls and move them slowly back in to position.

“Fuck, doc! Does it have to hurt so fucking much?”

“You’ve expanded your anal walls far outside normal parameters, Scott. It’s gonna fucking hurt,” explained Roberto, as he jammed into another part of the wall. Hitting his prostrate was pretty much out of the question. However, another interesting phenomenon occurred. Sometimes, when Roberto hit a part of a wall, caked and sometimes still wet sperm bounced up and landed on his cock.

“Scott, did you know you have caked in sperm in some of your crevices in your ass?“

“Fucking hot, man!” Roberto continued fucking. He also used smell as an accelerant for his fucking, but in a very peculiar way. The smell of sex or BO wasn’t in the air yet, but he was turned on by the way the office smelled. He rarely cleaned it, so the underlying stench of all the men who stripped down so he could examine their genitals lingered in the air. It was faint, but working in that office six days of the week meant that Roberto was quite attuned to the smells. It also helped him to attack the walls stronger.

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” announced the doctor as he pulled out and coated his patient’s back in thick streams of his milky cum. He was also paying attention to the asshole he had just pulled out of, which had decreased in size visibly since he had started. He wiped Scott down, and then let him get dressed as he explained the situation to him.

“I successfully fixed your asshole, to an extent. It has gotten smaller, but if the perineum pain persists, call me immediately. And tell your boyfriends no more DP. One cock should be more than enough for your ass. And I recommend topping for a few nights, if possible. Your ass is going to be in a lot of pain as it slowly rebuilds itself.”

“Noted! Thank you, Dr. Portales. You’re the fucking best!” Scott then left, as Dr. Roberto was excited that another patient was successfully cured, and he was able to get his rocks off today. 

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