Roscoe’s newest man was Sam Cushing. Unlike the other fitness models he had hypnotized, Sam was not too much of a gym guy, and preferred to do workouts at home. However, thanks to Tumblr, Roscoe found out Sam was in to sub play, after finding a picture of him collared and leashed. With a little bit of Internet investigating, he found Sam was going to a BDSM party later that week. He got on the guest list, and would ensnare the hunk there. 

He arrived at the party in a Dom getup, with leather straps and chaps on, and briefs, but that was only because he needed to walk through a public space to get here. He mingled with the other men here, and patiently waited for Sam to arrive. As was expected, he was in a sub get-up again, but a quick and subtle hypnosis made him switch owners for the night. He escorted Sam to one of the private back rooms for more erotic and dirty play. However, as soon as they entered, he was struck by Roscoe’s hypnotic rainbow eyes.

“I am your Master, Sam.”

“You are my Master, Sir.”

“You will do whatever I tell you to.”

“I will do whatever you tell me to.”

“Come with me,” Roscoe ordered, and the two left the party by sneaking out the back exit. Sam didn’t need to change into a slutty costume, as his present one sufficed. They made their way to the warehouse complex, where Sam was processed and the next porno was being set up.

Sam, Scott, and Randy were all in the same limo traveling to Scott’s wedding. Sam and Randy were the best men, and after a pretty wild bachelor’s party, they ended up quite a ways from their hotel. Scott called the limo service and told them to pick the three up there. They obliged, but it added an extra hour onto the traveling time. 

“It’s finally fucking happening,” said Randy. “Our boy Scotty’s getting married!”

“It seems like just yesterday we all meet during our pledge for that obnoxious frat,” added Sam.

“That we all got into,” noted Scott, “and created the wonderful friendship we have today.”

“But we do have one last surprise for you,” said Randy, winking at Sam.

“What is it? And will we be delayed even more?”

“No. You know I’m gay, and Randy’s bi. So, we wanted to give you your first gay experience before Shonda would shut that down entirely,” explained Sam.

“I’m not a fucking homo, guys. That’s why I’m marrying Shonda.”

“But it’s just this once,” cooed Sam. “And Shonda will never know. We’ll be done before we get to the venue, and then we’ll spray cologne all over ourselves to mask the smell.”

“Just this fucking once?”

“We promise,” said Randy, who looked at Sam, nodding in agreement.

“Fuck it,” said Scott, who then leaned in for a kiss from Sam. He obliged, and the two started to passionately make out. Randy moved in closer, and the three swapped kisses and helped to strip each other nude. Once all three were stark naked, Scott asked, “So what happens now?”

“We’re going to suck you off,” replied Sam, as he and Randy knelt on the floor and started to lube up Scott’s cock with their spit. Sam started sucking first, having more experience that Randy in this department. Scott moaned in ecstatic pleasure after Sam’s mouth touched his cock. Shonda had done this a few times, but Sam was a fucking natural at it.

“Do you like it?” asked Randy.

“Fuck yeah, man!” Sam continued to suck off the stud, before switching over to Randy. He did an excellent job himself, as evidenced by another one of Scott’s carnal moans once the two switched. Scott could definitely tell the difference between the two of them. Sam sucked him off a lot more sensually, caressing his cock with his tongue and playing around with his urethral slit. Randy went for distance, and Scott quickly got used to his face being pressed against his lower abs as Randy swallowed his whole cock, a slightly big 7″. 

The smell inside the limo was already starting to smell like BO. The three were in tuxes in late spring weather, and they had already been in an AC-less limo for quite some time. Scott barely noticed, and Randy only smelt it. However, Sam used it as fuel, creating an experience more akin to Randy’s after every switch. He started cupping Scott’s balls as well, which lead to another carnal moan when another man’s hands touched his balls for the first time. Randy quickly followed suit, creating a more erotic experience, as he didn’t move around all too much. 

The taste was also quite unique, as both of the cocksuckers tasted their friend’s saliva, mixed with their other friend’s cock, for the first time. It created a somewhat salty mixture with a bit of tang to it. Both Sam and Randy enjoyed the taste and the accompanying sensation, but it did come as an initial shock to them. Scott then had a crazed look on his face. “Fuck, guys! I’m gonna fucking cum! What do I do!?”

“Get it on our faces!” said Randy, as Sam pulled out. Scott did so, trying to control his cock to the best of his ability. Quite a bit of his cum landed on the limo’s floor, but a pretty sizable amount landed on both the men’s faces. 

“So, does that mean someone’s going to fuck me next?” asked Scott.

“Yeah,” said Randy. “And you’re an anal virgin, right? Never taken it up the butt before?”

“Correct.” Sam and Randy then looked at each other’s cocks. 

“I’m gonna fuck you,” explained Sam. “My cock is less girthier than Randy’s, so it will hurt less.”

“It’s going to hurt?”

“A fucking lot,” said Randy, as he helped to lube Sam’s cock up. “Even this smaller cock here will expand your hole wider than it has ever been before.”

“Fuck.” Sam then positioned himself, and did one big thrust to get him inside Scott’s asshole. “FUCK!”

“I told you it was going to hurt,” said Sam, as he started to thrust inside Scott’s asshole now. He knew that he had to remain inside the asshole, so it wasn’t as fun as some of his one-night stands with some fucking hot bottoms, but it was quite interesting taking someone’s anal virginity. “How’s it feeling?”

“A bit weird, but not fucking bad.”

“Should I ask Shonda to buy herself a strap-on?” asked Randy.

“Hell fucking no!” screamed Scott. “It felt like I was reverse pooping when Sam stuck his dick up there! This is a one-time thing, guys.”

“Fine,” said Sam, who accentuated it with a big thrust, causing Scott to moan in both pain and pleasure. He continued to fuck the straight white male, who seemed to be enjoying it much more than he probably should have. Randy helped his friend out by playing with some Scott’s other erogenous zones, such as his nipples and pits. All of this was causing Scott to chub up again not too long after he had busted his nut. 

It was then Sam’s turn to announce, “I’m gonna fucking cum!” Unfortunately, he announced that a little too late, and so his cumshot was straight into Scott’s virgin ass.

“Fuck! Is that your fucking cum inside of me?”

“Yeah, man. Sorry I couldn’t pull out sooner.”

“Don’t fucking apologize Sam! It feels so fucking good!”

The two other passengers smiled at each other as Sam pulled out. The three got to cleaning the limo, as the driver pulled back the window. “We’ll be arriving in 15 minutes, chaps. And remember, I can only pull up at the front of the church.”

Scott and his best men exited the limo 15 minutes later, and quickly made their way to the groom’s room, without anyone realizing they were all involved in a threesome not even an hour ago. 

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