Loki was having quite a lot of fun watching the mortals transformed into Thor taint his name by being involved in wild sexual activities. One such example occurred with Ben-Thor and an bad elf from Alfheim. 

Thor received a cry for help from the citizens of a small town in Alfheim. Apparently, their oldest sons were going missing, and never returned. He arrived at the town square, and met with the leader, Snalvart. 

“Thor, thank you for coming. We know now that Neyero is taking our young men. His guards are frost giants, and no match for light elves like ourselves.”

“No need to worry, Snalvart. I will rescue your men to the best of my ability.” Thor made his way over to Neyero’s house, and fought off the frost giants to make his way to the front gate. Inside, he was greeted by a net, which he immediately broke out of, but not Mjolnir.

“What the fuck?” he asked, as his hammer was supposed to come right back to him.

“Midgard scientists are sometimes smarter than you Asgardians,” said a man coming out of the shadows. Neyero was a light elf, but quite ripped and handsome, unlike most of the ones in this town. “Your precious metal is stuck to the net, and the longer you are away from it, the weaker you become.”

“That’s only a myth!”

“Oh, is it?” Neyero went in for a kick, which Thor tried to block, but couldn’t. He crumpled to the ground. 

When he awoke, he found himself stripped nude, and around young adult elves, all linked up to a machine. Mjolnir was nowhere to be seen, so Thor was stuck in his binds. Suddenly, he felt a rubbing of his cock. He looked down to see a sheath on his cock rubbing it back and forth. “What in Odin’s name is this?”

“Oh, it’s just my master plan,” replied Neyero, stepping into the doorway. “You see, Alfheim elves have this great quality to their cum that nobody has ever realized. It can be used as energy, as we harness the power of the sun. I can sell it to Midgard investors and make billions of their money.”

“But it’s worthless up here.”

“Remember, you and the others on the council are working on a conversion rate?”

“Fuck, we are! But what do you want with me, an Asgardian?”

“You’re going to be my fucking sex slave until Mjolnir breaks free of its bonds. My Midgard scientists tell me this weird force of yours will eventually overpower the metal, but not for a long time. And as to why you’re all tied up, it was easier to explain my plan that way before putting this on you.” It was a slave collar that Thor had seen used on enslaved dwarves before. It was capable of giving a large electric shock. 

“So, what to do with you first?”

Meanwhile, Chris-Thor was getting into some trouble of his own. Thor had taken the Bifrost to one of the many planets in the galaxy known for its sexual misadventures. This was a planet that catered to humans and aliens alike with external genitalia. Thor was having quite a lot of fun that night, and woke up the next morning in the back of the bar. He went to leave, but a forcefield kept him inside. “Hey, what the fuck! Let me leave!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” said a portly humanoid alien, walking down the hall. “You signed a contract.”

“I was fucking drunk last night! That isn’t legal!”

“Then bring it up with the law enforcement here. Oh, wait, we’re just outside jurisdiction of the two neighboring sections.”

“When I fucking leave here, I will bring this to the attention of the Galactic Council!” 

“Including Councilor Grysmahan, who was here last night at well?”

“Well, I’m Asgardian royalty. They’ll eventually come and find me.”

“Your contract states that we can put a cloaking device on you. Check your chin.” Thor felt around, and felt a boxed-shape object there.

“But you can’t control me!”

“True, but these people can.” The humanoid whistled, and two beefy tigeresque guards appeared by the doorway to Thor’s cell. “These Grrians are trained to force you to do what I say, or they’ll fuck you. And see those tails?”


“That’s actually their penis.” Thor’s mouth went agape as the three aliens left. An employee brought a sheet of paperwork in later that day. Thor was to be a barbarian stripper, wearing nothing but a bearskin over his shoulders. He tried to figure a way out of this. He still had his trusty Mjolnir, but there was a magic ban on the planet. It could only do so much now. 

Loki was quite pleased when he showed up that night to the nightly male revue that Malalia put on nightly. He was especially excited to see Thor parade around on stage, his monster cock flapping around for everyone to see. After a couple weeks, he let Thor return back to Asgard, not before drunkenly impregnating an alien with external genitalia but a female human reproductive system. 

And finally, back on Earth, parent groups had successfully fought to get Thor taken out of the next Avengers movie, and to leave the Avengers comic book series altogether, and move to Marvel’s more adult-themed section. Real Thor was understandably pissed, but a couple spells from Loki made him feel much better.

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