Roscoe was excited to bring another dude in, Joseph Tolve. Even though he was a cop in real life, he was also a pro bodybuilder, so ensnaring him at the gym was quite easy.

“Let’s go, you motherfuckers!” barked Warden Joseph after Sam, Randy, and Scott had finished their manual labor for the day. The three made their way back to their cell. Randy and Scott were pretty tired after working, so they fell asleep quickly. Sam, however, did not, and took the opportunity to jerk off. He pulled his cock from his bright orange pants and began stroking it slowly. It just so happened that Warden Joe was walking by at the same time, to inspect the prisoners and making sure they were not doing anything bad. 

Joe locked eyes with the jerking off Sam. He didn’t say anything, but took out his keys and unlocked the cell door. He walked over to Sam’s half-nude body and made the shush symbol. He then went down on Sam’s throbbing erect cock. This was of course frowned upon in the prison, but Joe was the warden. He could do whatever the fuck he pleased. And Sam’s cock certainly did not disappoint. It was caked with sweat after a hard day of work, and the fact required all male prisoners to go commando. 

He kept his sucking sounds down to a minimum, although he would have loved to moan once he tasted that delectable cock. Sam was moaning in pleasure as well, but softly, as to not wake up Scott and Randy. Joe continued to suck off Sam, playing with his balls and coating his cock with his spit. A couple minutes later, Joe pulled away from the cock, before Sam came. He unbuckled his pants and took out his own monster cock. He pointed to it, and mouthed, “Suck.”

Sam obliged, and flipped onto his stomach to get all of his warden’s thick juicy cock in his mouth. It too had a very particular taste, somewhat tart but covered in sweat as well. Joe always enjoyed getting one of his prisoners to suck him off, so he was able to keep his sounds to a minimum. Sam was much more louder than he was, but still quiet enough that even the next cell over probably didn’t hear them. He reciprocated in playing with Joe’s balls, and he too pulled out before Joe was able to cum. He then glanced at the two sleeping hunks sharing his cell.

Joe walked over to Scott and woke him up, and Sam did the same to Randy. “Get the fuck up and take your clothes off,” said the two of them to the drowsy men, who quickly obliged when they realized it was Warden Joe in the room with them. Joe stuck his fat cock into Scott’s virgin hole, which made him scream out. “Shut the fuck up, you bastard, or you’ll be in solitude.” Scott was silent after that, but constantly hurting inside from the monster cock rubbing against his asshole. The fact that the warden found his prostrate pretty quickly did not help his predicament, and he was biting his tongue, literally, to get him to stop screaming. 

Randy, on the other hand, was being forcibly fucked by his cellmate, who thankfully had a smaller cock than the warden. However, that meant he could go harder and faster in Randy’s thick and juicy ass. He had already heard the warden’s warnings to Scott, so he tried to be as quiet as possible. It was a bit difficult when Sam found his prostrate quickly as well, and the fact that he was turned on by the smell of sex and sweat in the air. He channeled that energy into being a power bottom, which Sam greatly enjoyed. 

“Get the fuck on to the bed, maggot,” seethed Joe as he and Scott changed positions. The bedframe was really hampering his thrusts, and it wasn’t as hot as he was hoping it would be. It also gave him more leverage to slam Scott’s face into his pillow to muffle his screams as Joe picked up intensity. The sound of pre-cum and sweat splashing around in Scott’s ass was getting louder and louder, but Joe didn’t mind. Scott, on the hand, was in torturous pain. Joe had picked up the assault on his ass, and now he could barely breathe. Joe had also taken to jerking him off as well, denying him most bodily functions for his own pleasure. 

Sam and Randy changed positions, but in a different way than Scott and Joe. Sam laid down on his cellmate’s bed, and then Randy positioned himself over Sam’s cock. He slowly edged his way down, and then both of them could join in the fun as they both thrusted up and down in rhythm to each other. This allowed both men to have free use of their hands, and used that to their advantage, feeling up each other’s hard muscles and tweaking each other’s nipples. It also allowed Sam to jerk off Randy’s cock a little, flapping away from all the intense thrusting they were doing. 

“I’m going to fucking cum on you, you dirty slut,” announced Joe, pulling out and jerking himself off just a little bit more to cum all over Scott, whom he had flipped around. Scott watched as Joe’s monster cock ejaculated, spreading globules and streams of thick and milky cum all over his chest. Naturally jerking himself off as well, the sight of his chest caused him to cum as well, further coating his stomach and groin in cum. Joe collected some on his fingers and force-fed the prisoner a mixture of both of their cum.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” then announced Sam, pulling out of Randy’s ass. Randy had switched to jerking himself off too, and so both came at about the same time. Sam’s abs were completely covered in creamy sperm from the two of them. Both of them licked it all up, coating each other’s mouths in a combination of their cum. Warden Joe then stood up and put his clothes back on. “You three better go to bed. Roll call is at six tomorrow, and our little dalliance tonight isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card. Not showing up will have the same consequences as usual.” Joe left as the three men collapsed back onto their own beds, sweaty and reeking of cum. Prison did have its perks.

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