Guest Request 42

John was back on the island with a new request. It didn’t involve anybody new to the island, so it could be done immediately. He once again was in the private viewing set-up, but there was a distinct change for this fantasy.


John sat down in his comfy chair across from the window. However, the window separating the two rooms was no longer there, and a stripper stage was taking its place. An unseen announcer then spoke. “We have with us today a potential donor, John. He has promised to fund our business under one condition: he gets to have his own personal sex slave. He has narrowed it down to four, who will now try to attract his attention. First up is everyone’s favorite superhero, Chris Evans!”

Chris walked up clad in a Captain America speedo and cape, and nothing else. He gyrated and moved around quite erotically on the stage, making sure John plainly saw his massive bulge just waiting to sneak out of his tight speedos. He then took off his cape as he walked offstage and over to John to give him a lap dance, nude. John enjoyed seeing the blond hunk waggle his ass in front of him, and rub his meaty cock up and down his button-down shirt. Chris also had that natural man musk to him that he liked. Not too long afterwards, Chris got up and collected both articles of clothing.

“Next up we have America’s baseball sweetheart, Mike Trout!” Mike walked out shirtless, but also clad in baseball pants. However, they were ridiculously tight, showing off his bubble butt and bulge. After a quick little dance, he ripped them off, revealing they were snap-ons. He also revealed the jock he was wearing underneath, emblazoned with his team’s logo on it. He danced some more on stage, allowing John to see that succulent ass of his before Mike made his way down to him. He took off his jock and put it around John’s nose. He then participated in a lap dance, focusing much more on his cock than his ass. John himself had gone shirtless after Chris’ pre-cum had ruined his shirt, so he enjoyed the sensation of Mike’s cock rubbing against his hairy chest. Copious amounts of pre-cum later, Mike left as well, taking with him his baseball uniform.

“Third is the pop star that brought twunk into the lexicon, Jake Miller!” To John’s shock, Jake walked out completely nude. However, that made much more sense once he started dancing. Being the only one with a strong semblance of a dance background meant that portion was one of the most erotic yet. There was quite a lot of hip thrusts and body rolls, and quite a bit more crotch grabs than the other two. He made his way down to John, who wasn’t expecting a surprise now, but nevertheless enjoyed the lap dance. His moves still transitioned to this type as well, but it was a bit more difficult. However, his ass was his best friend, as it was much more sweaty than the previous two celebs. John loved the sensation of it rubbing all over his body, and as Jake walked away, he had to take off his chinos, because of how wet Jake made them.

“And last but certainly not least, one of the hottest country music stars around, Sam Hunt!” Sam walked out in a full leather get-up, but he made his onstage dance a very long striptease. He slowly took off layer by layer while still dancing beautifully. By the time he had got to his leather jockstrap, he was already making his way over to John. He then took it off and allowed him to sniff it before throwing it aside. His programming informed him wet leather didn’t smell as well as cotton did. The lap dance was once again a mixture of both his supple ass and good-sized cock. John was wet all over from the previous three men, but Sam did a fine job trying to balance himself and still pleasure the client. Due to the quantity of his items, another employee collected them as he went back onstage to join his fellow strippers.

“John, it is time to make a decision. Who do you want to be your sex slave?”

“Chris,” John replied, without any hesitation. The superhero actor bounded offstage and into his owner’s arms. He sent him away to the car as he went to the back to fill out some paperwork.

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