Guest Request 43

John’s second request after his long break was one of his most interesting, although a bit lacking in plot. He hoped it would still be fucking hot, however.

Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Jake Ryan were in the center square, bound in a metal cage. Even if they wanted to escape, they couldn’t. Their asses were exposed fully, and there was a large box of toys by them just waiting to be used by other guests. The three celebs also had ball-gags in, as to not disrupt the shoppers even more, and their cocks were also exposed for guests to play with, albeit at an awkward angle. 

People were hesitant to use the toys at first, so the initial response was to spank them. Jake had the meatiest ass out of the three, and Evans the smallest. However, none of the three was spared from the torture of getting their ass turned bright red. By the time someone was brave enough to finally use a toy, their asses were beet-red. Throughout this whole ordeal, the three males were moaning quite loudly through their gags. Their pain receptors had been turned on for this fantasy, so it was their actual reactions to getting spanked here. 

The first toy used on them was a small dildo, large enough to expand the asshole, but not enough to cause them searing pain yet. The guest pulled the same one in and out of the three males’ holes before leaving. Others used increasingly larger dildos, and helpfully laid them out in front of the cages so others could see the relative size of them. Whips were also in the box, but used much more sparingly. Their asses were still throbbing from the intense pain the spanking had put them through, so even the most dominant guests realized it was probably not a good idea. 

The last piece of torture for this session was random guests milking their dicks. Because of the position they were in to have their ass exposed fully, their cocks were pointed towards the ground, and willing guests needed to do a reverse army crawl to get to it. However, those that wanted to showed strong initiative, and since there was rarely a line for the cocks, they could play with them to their heart’s content. The three men collectively cummed over 100 times that day, sometimes with one person causing all three to ejaculate!

At the end of the day, the three were escorted from the square and back to the celebrity village. After sessions like this, they were checked out by an on-site doctor, and usually taken out of commission for a couple days. If they were needed the next day, a quick-acting cure was applied. 

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