Guest Request 44John’s final request, for the time being, was once again a personal one, but not hands-on. It involved American’s luge sweetheart, along with the bevy of male gymnasts at their disposal. John waited snugly in his viewing room terraform for the fantasy to start. Chris was laying on a bed, practically immobile. He was, in fact, and only the people who were fucking him would be allowed to move him. Those people filed into the room. Jake, Sam, Brandon, Alex, and Steve all stood at attention, nude, until Jake made the first move. He walked over to the fellow Olympian, and without any warning, rammed his cock into his meaty ass. Chris didn’t react, which John got a big hoot out of. Jake continued his assault on Chris’ ass, not having to worry about how he was feeling. John likened it to a rag doll, seeing his body flop around like that. After a few more minutes of quite intense fucking, Jake came. He naturally pulled out and coated Chris’ chest in his thick and creamy cum. The gymnasts had been given extra supplements to increase sperm production today. Up next was Sam. The only gymnast still technically competing, he wasn’t as intense as Jake, but more than made up for it in moving Chris around. He couldn’t make him flap around with his ass, so he did it with his body. John very much enjoyed seeing the hairy hunk repeatedly being pound into the mattress as Sam fucked his brains out back there. Sam came not too long after, and he too had a massive cumshot, but this one landed on Chris’ face. Next up was Brandon, the gymnast John was most excited for. He was the strongest out of the five, and so his commands were actually to lift Chris up and fuck him that way. It lasted for a lot longer than John thought it would, probably having to do with something on the island. Chris looked like even more of a rag doll this way, flopping around in another man’s arms. His cum-coated face and chest was causing some of it to fly onto Brandon, but he didn’t mind. That only added to the fun. Eventually, he couldn’t support Chris any longer, and so dropped him back on to the bed. He finished fucking him there, and spread his copious amounts of cum all over his chest, mixing it in with some of Jake’s. Fourth was Alex. The thing that he had going for him was the largest cock out of the five. This actually led to a pretty fucking hot experience, as ramming it all the way in led to Chris convulsing, very much out of his control. That meant Alex was also the loudest so far, with all the sweat his fellow gymnasts had deposited in Chris’ ass, not to mention pre-cum, and the noise of skin hitting skin as balls bounced against Chris’ meaty ass. His cumshot was a bit quicker than the other guys so far, but he once again made up for it in quantity. Not one inch of Chris’ face was not covered in sperm, and most of it was Alex’s. Chris’ only command for this request was to lick cum so he could breathe, so he happily did that as Steve got ready to fuck him. In a bit of a slant rhyme, Steve’s main focus was speed. He knew that he always took a while to cum, so he hoped to give the guest a show by viciously assaulting the luger’s ass. Chris’ buttcheeks flapped around as Steve repeatedly drove his cock into them, causing a cacophony of noise to reverberate throughout the room. This also caused quite a bit of cum to bounce up and down on Chris as well, creating another amusing spectacle for John to see. All that resulted in a stellar cumshot from Steve, in which he made a line all the way from Chris’ dick to his hairline. The five gymnasts then filed out as John was left to take in the sight of Chris’ beefy and hairy body coated in thick and creamy layers of sperm.Requests are always open. | Patreon 

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