Roscoe had his next man in his sights: Quin Bruce. While he did work out a lot, Quin actually competed in bodybuilding competitions. Roscoe decided to capture him there, just to spice it up a bit. Using some of his natural eye charm, he was able to become an oil rubber for the men, specifically Quin.

He was the first to enter. “Hello.” Quin then laid on his stomach to get oiled up. It was absorbed by the skin quickly, so Roscoe didn’t need to wait too long to put his plan into action. He rubbed the bodybuilding oil around Quin’s back, while getting his eyes ready. When he was ready to flip, he was met with the colourful eyes of Roscoe.

“I am your Master.”

“You are my Master.”

“You will compete, but afterwards, make your way to my car without changing first.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good,” thought Roscoe, as he left and tagged the real employee in. The command was a bit long, and he wasn’t sure if it would actually work. It did, as he watched Quin compete in the Men’s Physique category this competition. After the judging, he slipped out the back and read the results posted on the wall. Quin had won, and a few minutes later, he walked over to Roscoe’s car, still bronzed up and in his poser. The two made their way to the warehouse complex to get processed.

“That was a fucking good practice, Quin!”

“You too, Joe! Our team finally has a damn good pitcher.”

“You’re too kind,” he replied, as the two men made their way to the locker room close by. They began to strip out of their uniforms. Quin caught Joe sneaking cursory glances at his body, and his jock, which was filled quite nicely.

“Like what you see, man?”

“Oh, no. It’s just that you keep yourself in really good shape for someone your age.”

“Do you know what my secret is? It’s a lot of gay sex.”

“How the fuck does that help?”

“Endurance, and it’s like a mini workout.”

“And your cock’s pretty fucking big too.”

“Want to taste it? It’s just the two of us here. Nothing to worry about.”

“And this shit stays between us?”

“Of course.” Joe then adjusted his body as Quin towered over him, cock dangling in anticipation. He tentatively put his mouth around the cock. He hadn’t done this since college, but it was surprisingly all coming back to him. Joe made sure not to scrape Quin’s dick as he picked up speed and intensity. Quin was a bit shocked by it too, but was very much enjoying it. He hadn’t got his dick sucked in a while, but for him, that was about a week. 

“Do you know what else helps me to get so fit? When someone eats out my ass.”

“That literally makes no fucking sense.”

“Heightened sensations mean more euphoria and more ability to push through the workout,” Quin explained.

“If you say so,” responded Joe as Quin got into position to get his ass licked. He had never licked a dude’s ass before, but had eaten out a lot of pussy, so he assumed it was the same thing. It was, and actually much more simple. There was only one hole he needed to worry about. He lubed up Quin’s hole quite a bit, coating it in his spit, mixed with the sweat from the practice. He also stuck his tongue up Quin’s hole, causing the euphoria Quin had mentioned. After a few minutes of that, Quin pulled away. 

“And now for the final part: fucking.”

“So who’s topping?”

“I am. Bottoms get a pretty intense workout in as well.”

“Nothing’s ever been stuck up my hole before.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” Quin lubed up his cock with his spit and procured a condom from his bag. He slipped it on as Joe got up on the bench and got ready to be fucked. The initial penetration was the worst.

“FUCK! What’s going on down there!?”

“Shit, man. You weren’t lying when you said nothing’s ever been up there. Let’s take it easy.” That was hard for Quin, who was used to fucking assholes dripping in other men’s cum, or so loose from all the cocks he had taken prior to Quin. But he always enjoyed a challenge. He most definitely kept his cock inside Joe’s ass, as he wasn’t sure he could get it back in without Joe screaming bloody murder. And he had to go much slower, as the inside of the ass was entirely virgin to foreign objects. It would take a while to cum, but it was worth it. 

Joe tried his best to give Quin a great sexual experience as well. He couldn’t do much, but found that by slowly moving his ass up and down, it provided Quin a greater range of motion, to an extent. Joe didn’t particularly hate a cock up his ass, although the insertion was going to be painful for quite a while. The additional thrusting helped to speed up Quin’s production of sperm ever so slightly, so a few minutes later, Quin came in Joe’s ass, in fear pulling out too quickly might rupture something. The condom broke from the intense stream that shot out of Quin’s dick. Luckily, he was free of STIs, as that was included in the team’s weekly drug panel.

“It fucking broke inside of me!? There’s condom in my ass?”

“It’s okay. You’ll shit it out later. But that wasn’t half-bad, right?”

“Right, and I can see how you classify it as a workout. I’m sweating more than I did in practice!”

“Same time next week, man?”

“Sure!” replied Joe. “And I’ll work on loosening my asshole too!” Quin winked at him, and the two then cleaned up and got ready to go back home to their wives and careers. Both couldn’t wait for next week’s game.

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