Roscoe was in for a special treat today. He would be able to hypnotize two men for his twisted fantasy at the same time. Mason and Logan Rudolph were both visiting home at the same time, a very rare occurrence for the pro football players. That meant they had to share a room, which worked well into Roscoe’s master plan. He hypnotized his way into their house and waited in their bedroom.

He heard them arrive home and eat and speak with their family. Then, they both went upstairs to change into more casual clothes. Roscoe was ready for them with his rainbow eyes.

“Come with me.”

“Yes, Master.” The brothers followed Roscoe to his car, walking past their clueless parents as well. Once they were all safely in the car, he issued some more commands.

“I am your Master,” he said, firmly implanting the idea in their minds.

“You are our Master.”

“You will do whatever I say.”

“We will do whatever you say, Master.” Roscoe was content with that and drove the three of them to the warehouse complex, where the Rudolphs were processed and the newest scene set up.


Roberto was standing with his hands on his hips, clad in a singlet. “Come on in, boys!” Both Mason and Logan Rudolph entered into the gym, clad in their own wrestling singlets as well. They stood in front of Coach Portales. “As you know, we can only have one member from a family on the team. Therefore, we will have a two-step competition to see who gets the spot.”

“Yes, Coach!”

“Okay. Step one is a wrestling match. Winner gets one point. And go!” The two brothers immediately got into their wrestling stance, and waited to make the first move. Logan did it, and then the action really heated up. The young adults’ bodies flailed all over the place as neither was coming out the real winner. Eventually, after a somewhat sneaky move by Logan, he was able to pin his brother, and got the point.

“Good job, Logan. Now take your singlets off, boys. It’s time for part two.” The Rudolphs did so, and Coach took his singlet off as well. “Part two is a threesome. Whoever I feel has the best sexual experience will get a point. If Mason is to win this round, I have a tiebreaker handy. Let’s start by seeing who can suck my dick off better.” Both Mason and Logan dropped to their knees and began to suck off their coach. Naturally, they took turns, but Coach’s cock was so fucking big, they both could lick it at the same time. 

Roberto was thinking there was a clear winner in mind once Logan had his first solo turn on his cock. He knew exactly how to turn him on, licking under the cockhead and fondling the balls in just the right places. He could also deepthroat his whole cock, and he was able to hold his breath for quite a long time. Mason wasn’t half-bad, but certainly not up to the caliber of his brother. He did make up for it in spit, however. Whenever he had to lube up the cock again, a big fat loogie always came out, which became impressive after the fourth or fifth time doing it. 

“Now I’m going to fuck both of your tight pink holes, and then I’ll decide who fucking wins round two.” Roberto grabbed a condom from practically thin-air and rolled it on. He started with Logan first, to see if he would win. All signs pointed to yes, once his cock slid right into the college student’s hole. It was tight, but loose enough that it was comfortable for the coach. He was able to go in and out easily, and he loved the moans he was hearing from this brother as he got a cock up his ass. Switching over to Mason was not much different. It was clear these two had done some ass stuff before, as Mason’s hole acted exactly the same way. Mason was actually on the way to winning this part, with his erotic moans and hip action, something Logan had neglected to do. 

“I’m gonna fucking cum on whoever makes the team!” Coach Portales yelled. After swinging it back and forth a bit to build suspense, it was Logan Roberto’s cum splattered on. 

“Good job, bro,” replied Mason, hugging his brother and kissing him as well, getting some of Coach’s cum in his mouth as well. He then left as Logan stood up, ready to get his team singlet. He was a bit shocked when the bottom was non-existent.

“What the fuck, Coach? I thought I won!”

“You did, but my team’s already full. The competition was to figure out which Rudolph was a bigger cumdump, and you won!”

Logan smiled. Even though he was understandably pissed at not actually making the team, being their cumdump was going to be fucking hotter!

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