Roscoe’s next victim was Kyle Sari, a fitness nut. The best place to capture him was the gym, so Roscoe couldn’t really spice it up too much. He did get someone from a bigger gym this time, Gold’s Gym, and no one batted an eye.

Kyle was underneath Sam’s sink, fixing the faucet. Most people didn’t think a man of his size loved this kind of work, but he was into it. He had naturally gone shirtless, though, as part of the problem involved the faucet dripping water from its pipes. Sam walked into the kitchen to see Kyle looking like that. He had gone out for a bit, and was expecting it to be done by the time he got back. 

Kyle did pop out from under the sink, all wet. “I’ve fixed the problem, to the best of my ability. It seems a high spray shoots straight down into the pipes and causes it to leak. A less intense flow should work, and I’ll order those parts straight away, Mr. Cushing.”

“I fucking paid you to fucking fix my sink,” said Sam, walking closer to the bodybuilder plumber. “So why isn’t it fucking fixed?”

“It’s outside of my control, Mr. Cushing. I’ll rush ship the parts.”

“I don’t fucking care,” Sam replied, face to face with his plumber. “If you can’t fix this pipe, you better fix another of mine.” 

“What do you mean?” Kyle’s question was answered when Sam unzipped his jeans and fished out his cock. He pushed his plumber’s head down onto his cock.

“Suck,” he ordered. Kyle had never sucked a dick before, but he was deathly afraid of what would happen if he didn’t. He had got a blowjob before, so he tried to remember the tips he had told that prostitute. He did make sure not to scrape his teeth, and went down as far as he could before he started gagging.

“Fuck, Kyle, you feel so fucking good on my cock. Oh, yeah, suck it, you dirty little bastard!” Kyle learned that Sam was quite the verbal top for a himbo twunk, and the degrading continued throughout his ordeal. “You’re such a dirty little pig, aren’t you, Kyle? Sucking off a young stud like me? You thought you’d never see the day! How does my cock taste? Can you taste the mixture of cotton and sweat? I wore my tighty-whities out just for you.”

Kyle could only nod in agreement, as if he tried to answer or speak, Sam pushed his head back down. He was very quickly learning how to breath out of his nose. “Fuck, Kyle, I’m gonna fucking cum at that roided-up pimply face of yours! FUCK!” screamed Sam as he did just that. Thankfully, he shut up while he was racked with convulsions from his cumming. However, the torture didn’t stop there. Sam grabbed some duct tape from Kyle’s tool box and covered his mouth with it, as well as tying both hands together, tightly.

“I’m going to fuck you like the dirty bitch you are, and this will be my fucking payment. And if you fucking sue me, I’ll show this video to your wife of how you loved sucking a man off and taking it up your ass!” Denim was a bit harder to rip than other pants, so Sam had to awkwardly take Kyle’s pants off without his help. However, he ripped his boxers off and then immediately stuck his cock up Kyle’s virginal ass, with no lube.

“FUCK!” Kyle screamed, which was actually audible through the duct tape, albeit very muffled. 

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking worthless piece of meat! I’m the fucking Alpha here, and only I get to fucking talk!” Sam punctuated each word with another thrust inside of Kyle. It was a miracle he wasn’t bleeding yet, but that didn’t stop Sam’s vicious assault. “How does it feel to have a man’s cock up your ass? Does it make you feel less of a man, you bitch? I know you fucking like it, and you’ll be begging that ugly-ass wife of yours to get you a strap-on, you sissy!”

Kyle’s ears weren’t blocked, so he was hearing everything Sam was verbally abusing him with. He knew he couldn’t fight back, lest the consequences Sam explained to him. And his work was already quite homophobic, so he didn’t need his work buddies finding out about this either. “You’re such a worthless little piece of shit, Kyle. My dog eats its own shit, and she would probably spit you right back out! That’s how fucking gross you are!” Sam was having so much fun verbally abusing his plumber, he didn’t realize he was cumming.

“Oh FUCK!” he screamed as he let loose another torrent of his cum, this time into Kyle’s virgin asshole. “Fuck, man, your hole’s going to be so fucking wet now! And what are you going to tell your wife when you’re the one getting pregnant?” laughed Sam as he pulled his cock out. Kyle got dressed as Sam continued to talk down to him. “Yeah, I’m not letting clean yourself up. What’s your boss going to say about that? And your wife? She’ll think you’re a fucking sissy, man! And those pipes that are under rush shipping? You’re fucking paying for them.” Sam said the last part as Kyle walked out the door.

It was true. He reeked of cum, which would not end up well at home or at work. And he was going to go to the gym later today, but their shower was broken. And to add even more insult to injury, he had to either wait to pick up his kid, or face the laughter from the guys at the gym seeing him commando and with caked-on cum on his face.

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