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Roscoe was excited, as he was going to capture another semi-famous fitness model, Stanimal de Longeaux. He too would be ensnared in a gym, but Roscoe finally found a way to spice it up. Stan was looking for a personal trainer, and thanks to some hypno shenanigans, Roscoe was waiting for Stan at the gym for their first day of training.
“Hello, I’m Roscoe.”
“Stan. And I assume you got my email about my workout specifications?”
“Of course.” With a little hypnotic help there as well. Roscoe then followed the schedule to the T, while building up his eye power. His master plan was necessitated on the idea that Stan was a big fan of cryo training, freezing your body to rid it of toxins and replace a cool-down. This high-end gym had one of those machines, so when Stan walked out clad in only a tight pair of briefs, that was when Roscoe unleashed his hypnotic eyes.
“Stan, I am your Master.”
“You are my Master.”
“You will do whatever I say.”
“I will do whatever you say, Master.”
“Now, follow me.” Roscoe escorted the nearly nude Stan out the back entrance and into his car. They drove to the complex, where Stan was processed and the next scene set up.

Andrew was patiently waiting in the doctor’s office, clad in his Under Armour practice clothes. He had just come from practice, as he thought he had pulled something quite severe. Dr. Longeaux then walked in, his lab coat nearly bursting at the seams from how muscular he was.
“Hello. Andrew, right?”
“Yes, doc.”
“And it says here you think you pulled your groin muscles?”
“Yeah. I’m the catcher, and I was trying to make a catch without moving from my stance, and I think I pulled something.”
“Ok. Let me take a look at it. If you would, please lie on my back.” Andrew adjusted himself, and Stan started rubbing and feeling around that area, close to Andrew’s genitals. “I can definitely feel it, but feeling it with skin-to-skin contact would be much easier.”
“Sure thing, doc.” Andrew took off his tight practice pants, to reveal his jock and the areas of the groin where it hurt the most. Stan then continued to massage and feel the groin, trying to find exactly where it hurt. He slowly made his way closer and closer to Andrew’s cock, and had just reached inside his pouch when he came to a conclusion.
“I think I know what happened. As you extended, one of the muscles just above your penis hyperextended itself. It is easily fixed with an ejaculation.”
“Do you want to help me out with that, doc?” asked Andrew, moving the pouch away to reveal a big and juicy cock for the doc to suck on.
“Anything to cure a patient,” Stan replied, as he winked and started to suck off his patient’s cock. Andrew quickly took off his shirt as well, and both men helped to get Stan undressed. Seeing that big and beefy doctor in the nude only helped Andrew to maintain his erection, and cure his pain. Meanwhile, Stan was having a lot of fun himself. This was definitely not the first time he had sucked off a patient, but this one actually had a valid medical point behind it. Still, he treated it like he did most of his hook-ups. He caressed the cock, making sure to reach all the erogenous zones, causing Andrew to moan in pleasure.
“Fuck, doc! I’ll be cured in no time!” Stan continued to suck off his patient, also fondling his balls and constantly lubing the cock up with his spit. Not too long afterwards, Andrew announced, “I’m goona cum, doc!” Stan quickly picked his head up and procured a petri dish from one of the room’s many cabinets. Andrew came, and most of it landed in the dish. Stan would throw it out, but that meant his “tip” to the cleaning staff would be less today.
“Hey, it actually feels much better, doc! I think you actually cured me!”
“It was a valid medical issue, Andrew. And if you’re ever in pain again, don’t hesitate to contact me.”
“I will, Dr. Stan!” Both men got dressed, and Andrew left the office. Stan relaxed and sprayed on some cologne before meeting his next patient.

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