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After talking to Dr. Chris for a bit, it was decided that Baker Mayfield, a fairly popular football hunk, would actually go to Roscoe. It would bring him down a peg, and with some extra help from Dr. Chris, could easily transition to Celebworld if need be. Roscoe had a special plan for this cocky stud, one of the most complex yet.

It started with a local strip club sending Baker a coupon for a free private room for an hour. Of course, it was some of Roscoe’s machinations behind the scenes that lead to that deal. Baker naturally accepted, and went to the club at the designated date and time. The coupon was honored, but what Baker didn’t know was that Roscoe was hiding out in the room’s closet, getting his eyes ready for the attack.

Once his hour was up, and the stripper left, Roscoe jumped out.

“Hey! What the-” was all Baker could let out before Roscoe’s eyes took effect on him. Baker was nude, and Roscoe got a good look at what the people would see in his upcoming porno.

“I am your Master.”

“You are my Master.”

“Follow me.”

“Yes, Master.” Seeing a nude male walking around a strip club was nothing new, and Roscoe did pick up some underwear at the front desk so Baker wasn’t arrested for public indecency. They made their way to the warehouse complex, where Baker was fully processed and the next scene was being prepped.

Baker was running through a forest close by to his home. There was a road running through it, but there were also a no trespassing sign that Baker missed. It was small, and since the owner did own a wide swath of untouched land, besides the road, Baker didn’t realize anything was amiss. As he was running, a cop car was driving down the road. Officer Longeaux owned this property, and the station allowed him to keep the car there as it was quite a ways from most of civilization. He noticed Baker running along, and followed him for a bit. He had quite the bouncy ass, and enjoyed that for a bit before accelerating and pulling him over.

“Hey, man, what the fuck are you doing?” Baker asked.

“I don’t know how you missed it, but this is a no trespassing zone.”

“So what, officer? I’m just running and minding my own damn business. I think the landowner wouldn’t mind.”

“The landowner is me, and you’re under arrest, boy.” Baker then took off at a sprint, but Officer Stan was quite fast for someone of his weight, and easily apprehended the victim. He dragged him back to his cop car, cuffed him, and stuck him in the back. He had to listen to the petulant young adult whine the whole way to his destination, but he sucked it up, as what he was about to do to the stud would make up for it entirely. They arrived at a small farm-like location, with a stage of sorts and various equipment strewn about. What Baker didn’t realize was that this was not farm equipment, it was actually BDSM equipment.

Stan took him out of the cop car and escorted him over to the chain-link fence surrounding the stage. He uncuffed one hand, but quickly attached it to the chain-link fence. Baker tried to yank it out of the ground.

“That’s no use, boy. There’s cement under the ground the wires are sunk into. I wouldn’t want you breaking your hand.”

“Fuck you! I’d rather have a broken hand than deal with this!” Baker’s eyes then turned to shock as Stan found what he was looking for: a yellowed jockstrap with obvious cum stains on it. He made his way over to Baker, and despite his loud and obnoxious pleadings, forced it into his mouth, and then duct-taped it shut. He then stripped the runner, by tearing off his flimsy shirt, but actually taking the rest off. He then walked over to the other side of the fence and did the first humiliating thing to Baker. He pissed all over him. The stream went on for quite a bit too, so Baker had streams of piss dripping off of him as Stan moved to the next degrading task.

Normally, he would have face-fucked the perp, but since Baker was quite talkative, and conscious, he went immediately to the ass. He spit in it a few times to get it lubed up, much to the chagrin of Baker, who moaned in anger. He then stuck his cock up Baker’s presumably virgin hole, which caused him to scream out in pain. Stan had fun fucking the runner and playing with his meaty ass. He kept moving his cock in and out of Baker’s ass, causing him more pain and torture then ever imaginable.

“Do you like that, you little bitch? I know Daddy likes it, boy.” Baker could only whimper in agreement as Stan continued fucking him. A couple minutes later, once Stan was ready to cum, he pulled out and walked over to the front of the fence, where Baker was looking. “I think I’m going to cum on that pretty face of yours, bitch.” Baker tried to look away, but it didn’t work. Stan’s cum still splashed all over his face, and started dripping on to his already-wet body from all the piss that had landed on him.

Stan then took off the duct tape and the jock, but before Baker could even get a breath in, Stan shoved his cock down the poor runner’s throat. “Suck,” he commanded. He knew that his big cock could stay in Baker’s throat for as long as he pleased, as Baker showed he could easily breathe out of his nose. Of course, to actually get a thrust in, Stan would need to move his cock back and forth, but it was a small price to pay for Baker’s disgust.

“Have you sucked off a man’s cock before, boy? I don’t think you have! How does it taste? Does it taste like a real man?” Along with the frontal assault, Baker was also bombarded with a vicious verbal assault too. Stan kept talking down to him and making him a worthless gay cum dump, something that slowly starting to turn him on, as evidenced by the fact he was starting to chub up a bit. “Ooh, the straight runner actually likes cock down his throat! I would have never guessed!” Baker was forced to suck Stan off for a few more minutes, until Stan finally came. He spared no expense in even making that tortuous, coating Baker’s throat in thick wads of his creamy cum. He pulled out for the second time today.

“So, it seems like you fucking like me abusing you, boy. So, I’ll cut you a pretty deal. I won’t press charges if you let me fuck you and do whatever I want to you next weekend. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Stan then uncuffed Baker from the fence, and then left. Baker got himself dressed, but had to go shirtless. It was going to be quite a trek back, but hey, he was a runner, right?

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