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Roscoe was working on another man to join his twisted cabal of men: Johan Fehd Karouani. While he was a semi-famous bodybuilder, he didn’t live in the U.S., unlike the rest of Roscoe’s men. So, he hopped in his private plane, paid for by Trevor, and made his way to Kazakhstan, where Johan was competing. In the interest of time and security, especially in the Middle East, he didn’t go to Johan directly, but hypnotized and got rid of most of his staff. Trevor kept the chauffeur, as he couldn’t drive a limo.

Johan got in, and instead of busty and nearly naked foreign women, Roscoe was there, fully clothed, with rainbow-colored eyes.

“Johan, I am your Master.”

“You are my Master.”

“You will do whatever I tell you to.”

“I will do whatever you tell me to, Master.”

“Good.” The driver took Johan and Roscoe to his jet, where the two went back to the States and arrived at the warehouse complex, where the next porno was already ready to start filming.

Dr. Bruce walked in to his office, where Johan was lying on the bed.

“Hello, Johan. What brings you in today?”

“It’s my cock. I can’t get it down, and it’s been like that since last night.”

“That is an issue. Take off your clothes for me so I can investigate further.” Johan stripped, and revealed a rock-hard body, with a rock-hard cock to go along with it.

“It’s not discolored, so you should be safe. But still, this needs to be cured immediately, and the fastest way to do so would be by sucking on it.”

“Ok, doc.” Quin leaned over the man and began to suck him off. The doctor showed incredible deepthroat skills as he was able to fit the entirety of Johan’s cock in his mouth and hold it for a bit before coming up for air. Johan’s cock quickly became covered in spit as Dr. Bruce attacked the cock. Johan helped to take off Quin’s clothes while moaning in ecstasy. Quin had a stellar body beneath his lab coat as well and Johan started to stroke his doctor off.

“Fuck, man, that feels fucking amazing!” said Quin after sucking on the cock for a solid minute. He continued to “cure” Johan’s priapism, much to his delight. The moaning only intensified as Johan got closer and closer to cumming, until he finally came. It was clear there was a blockage Quin’s spit had partially dissolved, as a giant glob shot out and landed squarely on Quin’s head. The rest of the cumshot wasn’t as extreme but the man’s body was coated in cum when his cock finally started to go down again.

“And as payment for getting you off, help me get off,” explained Dr. Bruce, who flipped Johan over so his perky ass was visible. Quin, with his rock-hard cock from Johan’s erotic stroking, quickly shoved it into his ass. He felt the ass cheeks clench around his large cock, and provide a bit of lubricant. He rammed his cock into Johan’s ass quite a few times, with lots of moaning and groaning from both parties. Due to the circumstances, Quin came a lot quicker than usual, as normally he didn’t have such an erotic experience beforehand. He was able to pull out and coat Johan’s backside in even more cum, making the stud appear ghostly.

“Fuck, doc! What am I going to do now? I’m sticky all over, and I have a raging erection again!”

“I have another client coming in in a few minutes. Have you ever been in a threesome before?”

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