I’m Back!



Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to come back and post on Tumblr again, after realizing that most of my pics passed, and Patreon, while still having some rules about adult content, is a lot less stringent than Tumblr is now. That means the more erotic pictures and anything NSFT (for Tumblr) will be posted there.

My return also comes with a surprise: a Daz3D erotic comic, by yours truly! I can’t post it on Tumblr, obviously, so it is available for any and all $3 dollars and above patrons over on Patreon. I am working on an alternate PayPal method of paying, and will update when that is set.

And here’s a SFT preview!


My PayPal problem has been solved. If you would like to pay that way, the information will be provided upon request. I will now be active here and on my Patreon. My WordPress blog, cinaedefuri.com, will become a clone of this blog, in case something goes wrong yet again. And finally, the first text bubble post (the one with the hunk mowing) will be up tonight. Thanks you for staying with me through this whole shitshow on Tumblr.

from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2ALcTas

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