Worthwhile Skills

Xavier LeBrant was the head of the HR department for a Fortune 500 company. They mostly dealt with high end accounting stuff, and so some of the staff, like Xavier, were a bit underused. He did have some fun in the intern process that landed on his desk every six months. After some maneuvering on his part, he got the application to include a head shot. He weeded out the hot applicants from the not-so-hot ones, and then graded them on how well they would actually do in the accounting job. 95% of interns went and studied under an accountant, but the other five percent went to the staff that were only there to make it seem like an actual company.

After introductions and such on the first day, Xavier personally met his two interns for the semester: Lucas and Ryder. He escorted them back to his office, which was a floor below and very much secluded from the rest of the company. He did bring them to his office, but they weren’t going to be there for long.

“So, I think you two know why I picked you two to be my interns and not be an accountant.”

Lucas and Ryder grinned at each other. Lucas was a trust fund baby who was set to inherit his father’s lucrative insurance company, but the board required he have a college degree. He had coasted by until now, but an internship was mandatory before he could graduate. Ryder, on the other hand, did want to be in HR, but he was the only one who pieced together the acoustic on the application. Ryder knew that this was going to be a sexual position, and judging by the blond himbo look Lucas had going for himself, it was safe to assume he knew too.

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from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2Fuhemi

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