Animalistic Sex

Alejandro Castillo was a rising star in the Mexico City Police Department. He had boyish young looks, but was also hard on crime. He was called in to his chief officer’s office for a special assignment.

“We need you to infiltrate the La Maravilla gang.”

“The Beautifuls? Why? They’re normally not in our jurisdiction. That’s the fed’s job.”

“Well, they are looking for a mole, and I thought you would be a good candidate. The ladies swoon over you, and you’ve repeatedly showed you have the chops to handle an assignment such as this one.”

“Thank you sir. I’ll accept.” Alejandro was debriefed on the assignment, and became part of the gang the next morning. The recruitment process was laughably easy, with the wife of the hot mobster deciding on the attractiveness of the criminal. Alejandro passed and was placed with a local group, who focused on blackmailing government officials and other people in power. He was great undercover, tipping off the force to most of the crimes La Maravilla committed. However, the head, Victor Caranxa, was getting a bit on edge. He had his team investigate to figure out who was the mole.

The investigation came back with a clear suspect. “Alejandro Castillo, from Mexico City. I was wondering why we were running out of funds. Men, you know what to do.”

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