Jared Barros was picking up their household’s medication. To his surprise, the pharmacy tech asked him to go in a small room by the counter to explain something to him.

“These pills for you or your son’s STI need to be taken daily. If not, the disease will become resistant to the drugs, and a penectomy might be required.”

“Thank you,” said Jared, even though he knew the drugs weren’t his. They were his son’s, Atticus, which surprised him, since he was going steady with a girl from college. Once he got home, he plopped the drugs on the table. “Care to explain?” he asked his son, playing video games in the living room.

“Dad, I can’t fucking see what they are.”

“They’re fucking STI drugs, you dipshit! You think I wouldn’t find out when our medications are filled at the same exact fucking pharmacy. And I thought you and Stacie were exclusive.”

“Dad, she and I broke up a while ago. I haven’t found another girl who has that same spark as her.”

“And to figure that out, you fucked them? I thought I told you women are not just sex objects.”

“They just wanted hook-ups, Dad. It’s not like I was doing anything wrong.”

“Wait here,” Jared commanded his son as he fumed away. He returned to the living room with a clear plastic toy shaped like a cock. “Strip,” he then commanded.

“Very funny, Dad.”

Jared then got right up in his son’s face. “If you want to stay here rent-free and mooch off of me until your sorry ass gets a job, you better do as I fucking say.”

“Yes, sir.” Atticus nervously stripped down to his birthday suit, and then Jared put the toy onto his cock. “This is for the best, son,” Jared explained, as he turned the key in the lock.

“Wait, what the fuck is this thing?”

“It’s a chastity cage. It means you can’t fuck another woman until the cage is unlocked, and I have the only key.”

“What about if I need to piss?”

“There’s an opening at your urethra. I made sure they were lined up before locking you up.”

“Fuck you, dad. I heard these can easily be slipped off.”

“Oh, I’ll be checking every night, Atticus, and if it’s not on your dick, then you don’t want to know what happens.”

Atticus, being a horny 19 year old, brushed that off, and waited until his STI to clear up before finding another woman to bang. In this case, it was actually twins who had a joint Tinder account. Atticus had one of his biggest cumshots ever watching the two have sex with each other. He arrived home later that night to find his dad waiting for him, nude.

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