Cam Boy Control

Link was your normal alpha frat boy, with a bit of an interesting twist. To supplement his steamy stream of women and massive ragers he hosted, he turned to camming. His natural persona lended itself well to being on cam, and he had a steady stream of income from fans who turned in daily to see him flex and cum, amongst other things. He also gave fans the opportunity for some private one-on-one time with him, for an exorbitant price, however. Today, Link had one of those sessions with a newer client. They were paying for a whole hour, which banked Link $500.

He turned on his cam and was met with a clothed chest.

“I usually like to see your face as well.”

“That will not be necessary,” replied back an autotuned voice. The person then turned on some music in the background. There was a faint humming noice, but nothing too loud.

“Okay then. What do you want me to do?” Link couldn’t tell if it was a girl or a guy, because the shirt or whatever they were wearing was quite baggy.

“Just do whatever you want to.” Link usually didn’t have free rein, so he began by flexing and talking down to the customer. He noticed some of his wording was a bit off, which usually happened after he could hear the person’s music. He chalked that up to interference and continued to create a show.

He went shirtless and continued the act. However, he found himself touching his nipples more and smelling his pits, something he didn’t normally do. The music itself was getting louder, and he was starting to make out actual sounds. He assumed that he was just going on autopilot, and this is what the client wanted to see. And besides, nipples were a great erogenous zone, and he smelled fucking awesome!

Next off was the pants and underwear, which usually constituted the bulk of the session. In response to him going nude, the music increased in volume yet again, and words were now being able to made out.

“Flex for me, you worthless bitch.” Link watched in horror as he flexed, unwillingly.

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