Beware the Music

Trevor was excited. He had just a notification that his favorite Tumblr blog had just posted a story. He swiped left to open the app, but instead of text, a purple rectangle was at the top of the screen.

“Play me as you read,” it was titled, and Trevor pressed play as he started to read the new story about a dumb college football player who had to get fucked by his twink tutor to pass the math course. Trevor was quite horny after reading it, but he also had a strong desire to take a selfie.

He was normally never this brazen taking photos, as he showed his toned six pack to the world. He posted the pic on his own Tumblr page and on his Instagram. He received quite a few likes on both photos as he went about his day. The next day, he woke up to yet another story notification. This blog put them out daily, so that wasn’t weird, but the audio at the top, again, was. Trevor thought it really accentuated the experience last time, so he pressed play again.

Today’s story was about a college professor being turned on by one of his student’s B.O., and he is shocked to find out that he actually enjoys having gay sex. Trevor busted a nut to the hot tale, which meant his shirt was covered in cum. He tossed it on the side of his bed as he went to the bathroom to take yet another picture.

While his face was hidden, his abs and sizable bulge were now plainly visible. He once again posted it to both sites. It didn’t make much of a splash on Tumblr, but his followers on Instagram were shocked by the sexual content Trevor was now putting out. It certainly wasn’t illegal, but as he scrolled through the likes on that picture, he found many gay men had liked it after a repost account got a hold of it.

The next day, he was able to eat breakfast and get a workout in before the story of the day dropped. This one was a mini-epic, telling a story about Superman and how his ship was pushed off course, so he landed in a male-only society. Trevor liked and reblogged the story, which was naturally accompanied by audio yet again. He robotically went into the bathroom to snap a third pic, the most revealing yet.

His face was totally uncovered, and his bulge was now visible from a frontal angle. The blog whose hot stories he had read the past three days then messaged him.

“Good boy. Thank you for listening to Master’s audio.”

“You are welcome, Master. I will do anything for you, Master.”

“Anything, you say?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I will give you a list of commands to do daily. If they are not accomplished, you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master, I understand.” Trevor’s blog quickly shifted from a southern-inspired hypnosis/tf blog to a blog of a locked-up slave boy who was forced to obey Master’s orders. He had to be the cum dump at the local strip club once, and he was required to workout and listen to even more audio files that slowly but surely changed him into a himbo. He also gave all of his money to his new master, which allowed him to send Trevor gear he could use to further humiliate himself, such as sounding rods or Ben-wa balls.

Trevor’s blog quickly became popular, and various sex toy companies were looking for some sponsorships. His master raked in the cash, all because one unsuspecting chap listened to the audio he toiled for years to perfect.

Story requested by @texanstrong
from Tumblr

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