Wesley cautiously waited for the new app to download. It was one of those get rich quick apps, like Sweatcoin. However, the many reviews were verified as mostly human, and most websites he checked said it was legit. The button finally turned to a green open, and clicked on it. The animation was quite fluid while it loaded, and then a message popped up on the screen: “Please take selfie for verification”. Wesley didn’t think anything of it, and took one right then and there.

The app then accepted it, and then it moved on to the main screen. He pressed merge, and his playlist was merged with the app’s playlist, which had ads that he had to listen so he could get money. They were pretty long ads, but most of the reviewers noted the bass and other background music in the ads were fucking awesome, so they didn’t mind.

Once it finished, he then synced the new playlist to his AirPods and went to the gym to work out. He listened to the playlist the whole time, with about five or so ads dispersed throughout. He thought that was quite reasonable. Once he arrived home, he had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. He never used the gym’s bathroom, even since a shit incident, so it didn’t seem weird for go immediately after getting home. However, snapping a pic before he pissed was something new.

He then had a prompt from the app he had downloaded earlier that day. “Allow Playlist Monetizer to access photos?” Normally, that would have been a red flag for Wesley, but he just clicked it, and then snaked his cock out to piss. He went about the rest of his day, just lounging around and shit. He had a week-day job, so his weekends were very much free. At around eight, PM send him another notification.

“Have your playlist running all night for 10x the money! Tonight only!” Wesley was fucking psyched! He had already made $5 in his workout today, so God knows how much he would make overnight. When he went to bed, he got it set up to make some serious dough. The volume had to be pretty high, but the lullabies were quite soothing, and he lived alone.

The next morning, he woke up nude. He normally slept in pjs or underwear, depending on the weather, but never nude. It also looked like he ejaculated over night, with a wet spot speckled with dried cum. He thought that was pretty weird, but all those thoughts went out of his head after he checked his app and saw that he made $1,000 overnight.

“Fuck yeah!” he screamed. He then received a DM from PM, something he didn’t realize the app could do. He opened it, and a voice message awaited him.

“Sleep,” it said. Wesley fell into a deep trance. His phone then rang, and he monotonously answered it.

“Hello, Master.”

“Wesley, good to finally hear your voice. You are to go to the gym locker room and take a clothed selfie. Then you will undress entirely and be a cum dump for the football team, who have been in chastity for quite some time.”

“Yes, Master.” His master then hung up. Wesley got dressed in some clothes so he could walk across campus to the gym. Once he was in the gym bathroom, he snapped a pic.

It was uploaded to PM, and then his master, Leroy, forwarded the pic and the attached message to the football team members who he had ensnared. He too went to the gym bathroom, but only to watch as Wesley was fucked by a team of muscle head lunks. They held nothing back as they tore open Wesley’s virgin ass hole and got rid of his gag reflex after deepthroating one of the player’s donkey dick. His pinkish skin was turned white from all the cum that was deposited on him, especially from the testosterone rich players. Leroy snapped a pic once the orgy was over, to use as blackmail.

PM used binaural beats to slowly hypnotize the men into becoming obedient slaves. Usually, the overnight method did the trick, but all ads were laced with it in case something happened. People like Leroy used a sister app that had the geolocation of all hypnotized men in the area. Wesley wasn’t usually his type, but the head football coach was starting to get suspicious why his men’s balls were getting so big.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2Bwylk1

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