Tyler and the Phone Case

“Fuck!” Tyler screamed. He had taken off his favorite red case as his phone was overheating, and he was starting to smell rubber. He ran to the trash, but saw it was emptied. He glanced out his window to see the garbage truck dropping the trash bag into the back of the truck. At least he still had some selfies with it on his phone, which had cooled down enough for him to use.

He then had to go buy another case, which meant his allowance for the week would be spent. He wanted to make it count, and so he stumbled upon this really cool solar powered charger/case. It stretched his budget a bit, but he would more than make for it in his electricity costs. The site was a little shady, in broken English, but it was an Amazon link, so it had to be legit.

The case arrived the next day, thanks to Amazon Prime, and he got it all set up. Tyler was a bit shocked by the app that came along with it, though. It didn’t have anything to do with electricity, it seemed, and it was written in Cyrillic. A buddy of his with the Pixel couldn’t translate it, but still, it wasn’t a red flag for him. The next day, he snapped his first selfie with his new case.

It was a bathroom selfie, of course, but after the Live Photo box went away, it immediately went to the solar app, where the picture was used as the profile pic for an account.

“What the actual fuck is this shit!” said Tyler. He tried to delete the app, but his phone actually shocked him. He returned to the app to see if he could find any way to report this, when the screen suddenly changed. It turned into a rainbow spiral, which Tyler was forced to stare at. He went slack-jawed and started drooling as the weird Russian app overrode his brain chemistry, and turned him into a mindless pawn. Once it had gone on for an hour, the spiral went away, and Tyler snapped back to reality.

The app was still open, but it was English now. It looked the same as before, but now Tyler could tell it was an app akin to Grindr or Tinder. He went to his profile and filled in the rest of the info, still not sure what it was for. A couple days later, he got a message from the app: “Phineas has sent you a message!” He swiped to open it and was meet with a chat screen, with only a voice message from this Phineas person: “Liaison.” Suddenly, something clicked in Tyler’s mind. He went on autopilot, and attached another selfie to the post he was about to sent: “Hello, Master”.

“Hello, Tyler. You are quite the stud. I can’t believe I get to be your Master!” Tyler then told Phineas all the information he wanted, such as his address and even his Social Security Number. “I’ll see you in a bit” was the final message Tyler’s new master sent before the little green dot turned grey. As per his new master’s commands, he stripped completely nude and waited by his front door for him to arrive.

Phineas arrived about half an hour later, with a suitcase in hand. “Wait here, slave, while I pack your clothes for your new home.”

“Yes, Master.” Phineas went to Tyler’s bedroom, where he raided the poor boy’s underwear drawer and took all of the jocks and briefs and stuffed them into the suitcase. He also grabbed some workout gear, in case Tyler ever needed to be fully clothed. He then made his way back downstairs, where Tyler stood at attention, just like he left him.

“Good boy. Put this on.” Phineas passed him a jock. Tyler’s home was in a quiet cal-de-sac, so only the smallest amount of decency was required. And it wasn’t like they were walking that far. The two then drove to Tyler’s new home, Phineas’ one-level cape across town. Tyler’s room was in the basement, in sort of a mini sex dungeon. Phineas did allow him an actual bed, but various BDSM gear was strewn throughout the room, and it reeked of sex.

The next day, Tyler was lifted out of the hypnosis just enough so that he was still under Phineas’ control, but maintained normal function. Whenever Phineas said “liaison” to him, he would slip back under his control completely. This led to some interesting situations, such as when he went fully under at the gym after taking a piss.

The twunk was then forced to workout just in his jock, and let the other gym patrons work him out as well. Tyler was none the wiser, and never realized that such a simple purchase, like his phone case, could change his life forever.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2BwH9Gg

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