Dakota the Garbage Man

“SNAP!” went the camera’s lens. Dakota’s face wasn’t visible, but the girl he was sending it to, Lynsey, knew it was him thanks to his toned body. However, as he opened the text, her controlling father, Pete, stood over her.

“Who’s that fucking boy sending my virgin daughter sexts?” Pete knew his daughter was a virgin, as she never left the house without him accompanying her. This included school, as he was the principal at the high school Dakota and her went to.

“Oh, it’s nobody, Dad. Just some random guy who got my number.”

“The name Dakota has those valentine heart emojis next to it. Tell me, Lynsey, or you will get punished.” Lynsey, cracking under the pressure, told her father everything he needed to know.

The next day, Dakota snapped a car selfie on the way to school. He sent it to Lynsey, which her dad received as well, thanks to him linking up their text messages. It was nothing racy, just a “sup”, and Dakota was in the passenger seat. Still, Pete was angry at the boy for possibly messing around with his daughter.

Later that day, Pete got all the evidence he needed. During school hours, a text from Dakota came through. It was him in one of the boy’s bathrooms, with a backpack covering his junk. He send the photo along with some text stating, “I heard you like bad boys, Lynsey.” Pete was furious. This was evidence that Dakota reciprocated the feelings Lynsey had towards him, and also gave him evidence to punish the boy.

A couple minutes later, when he was sure Dakota was back in class, the intercom turned on in Dakota’s classroom.

“Dakota Green to the principal’s office, Dakota Green to the principal’s office.”

The class of seniors oohed as Dakota walked to the principal’s office, not knowing what he did wrong. He had just taken a picture during school hours, but how would Principal Burkhead know that?

He arrived at the principal’s office. He was let it immediately, and saw his girl’s father sitting there, with a phone in his hand.

“Can you explain this?” he said, showing Dakota the pic with a time stamp, very clearly noting it was taken during school hours.

“Umm, sir, I-”

“I’ll let you off easy, Mr. Green. Don’t text my daughter any more, and report for Saturday detention this weekend.”

“Yes, sir.” Dakota was still puzzled as to how Principal Burkhead got that message, but his punishment was not as severe as he thought it was going to be, so he kept his mouth shut.

On Saturday, he arrived at the front door of the high school, only to find he was the only one there this Saturday. Principal Burkhead was waiting to unlock the door.

“Go to the AV room, son. The video you have to watch is on a timer, so make sure you’re in the room when it starts, or this won’t be your last punishment.”

“Yes, sir.” Dakota made his way to the AV room. He assumed the video would start at 10 o’clock sharp, so he snapped a selfie as he waited for it to start.

The TV turned on, but it was just a bright rainbow spiral. Dakota thought this was some weird interference thing, but he felt as though he should just sit down and listen to it. He did, as the spiral slowly turned to Pete’s face, who told Dakota was his new purpose in life was going to be. Turning Lynsey’s possible boyfriends into hypnotized mindless slaves was one of Pete’s favorite pastimes.

Dakota arrived at work Monday morning. His parents were shocked by his career change, to a garbage man. While he wasn’t the best academically, D3 schools were scouting him for baseball, so they were saddened that he threw it all away. Principal Burkhead assured the Greens that their son had chosen this path out of his own volition. He snapped a selfie, as he usually did, to celebrate the first day of work.

Soon after that, he changed into his work clothes. What he neglected to tell his parents, and what Pete had actually wanted him to do, was that he was the “garbage man” for the conglomeration of gay strip clubs Pete owned as well. The garbage man collected the trash, as well as all the used jocks and condoms that were strewn about the building. After signing some paperwork, he went shirtless and snapped another selfie, replacing his lucky pen with his AirPods.

Not long after he snapped the second photo did he snap yet another one, this time with his overalls on, and sans AirPods. He kept those in his chest pocket until he learned what the job entailed.

The job itself was quite simple. Actual trash went into a large container he lugged around, but anything sexual, including some “trash” items, such as condoms, were placed in another container, where Pete and the staff would evaluate them and then sell them on the black market to make even more cash. Dakota had been hypnotized to be asexual when it came to the smell and tastes that the trash could give him. He was now gay, thanks to the video, so Pete did not want to take any chances.

A few weeks after he started his new job, he told his parents that he had found a new place to stay and a roommate as well. The Greens were fine with that, as they did not want to stifle their son’s independence. However, he was going to be living at the Burkheads, as Pete’s live-in slave. Lynsey had been thoroughly hypnotized to forget her one-time lover, and Dakota’s gay conditioning that the detention video had implanted in him finally activated. He lived out the rest of Pete’s life as his sugar baby, wearing shirts that Pete bought him, like this one:

(It helped to break down the unconscious barrier that even Pete’s strong hypnosis couldn’t get through.)
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2SUlHF4

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