Blondes Have More Fun

Garrett was a pretentious college graduate. He had a degree in business, but didn’t have to work thanks to being the son of a Rockefeller. His enormous bank account wouldn’t last him his whole life, but he was looking to marry a rich woman as well and siphon off her money.

That fact was well known to his many Instagram followers, who gobbled up his sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-Semitic rhetoric, just to name four. Instagram repeatedly banned him, but thanks to an email-making program, he was back up and running the next day after a ban.

Garrett posted this picture, saying this was what he would do to f***, only the middle finger he was holding up would be a knife. Once again, Instagram swooped in with a ban, but not before Andrew Faraday got Garrett’s geolocation. He had a notification set up whenever Garrett’s many accounts posted, as a self-respecting gay man like himself would never follow this ass turd. Andrew found out he wasn’t that far away, and lugged out the machine he was working on to the car.

The next day, Andrew arrived across the street from Garrett’s mansion, with a white van. Inside the van was a machine Andrew was working on. It was able to send out binaural beats and other hypnotic noise for a good mile or so in the direction the machine was facing. As soon as Garrett posted another new pic, this one quite misogynistic, Andrew turned on his device, knowing it would take effect.

Garrett had moved to one of his couches when all of his devices started to blast the same noise Andrew’s machine was giving off. The beams were able to hack into electronics, a fact Andrew was quite proud of. The science behind it was quite complex, but Andrew knew it was safe to go into the house an hour later, after shutting off his machine and letting it cool down a bit.

Inside, he found Garrett on the couch, with a vacant stare in his eye. There was a puddle of drool at his feet, and his cock was straining to get out of his skinny jeans.

“Garrett, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you, Sir.”

“Good. I will input an address into your phone. I want you to go there. Once you get in the car, you will revert back to yourself, but once you enter the property, you will revert back to this state.”

“Yes, sir!”

Andrew then left as he alerted the person who Garrett was going to meet in a little bit. He drove to his stakeout point across the street as Garrett got ready. A few minutes later, this was posted:

“So, this bitch-ass gay porn star, Colby fucking Jansen, said he wanted a piece of me. I told him, I don’t fuck, literally, with f*****s like you, but I sure as fuck will fight you! You can stream it on my Twitch account.”

Andrew, who had also hacked into Garrett’s Twitch account, saw many viewers waiting for the account to go live, with many homophobic messages there as well. As Garrett pulled into Colby’s driveway, he felt a change come over him. He no longer wanted to fight the man; instead, he wanted to feel his cock inside of his ass.

He knocked on the door.

“Oh, you must be Garrett. Please, come on in.” Colby didn’t wait for Garrett to walk in. He grabbed him by his flannel and dragged him inside to his bedroom. Thanks to some computer work on Andrew’s end, Colby pressed a button, and Garrett’s Twitch account went live. “Hi, everybody. I’m Colby Jansen, and Garrett and I are going to fuck.”

The two men then started to passionately make out. Streams of homophobic content came rushing through the comments section, but that didn’t stop the two. They quickly undressed completely, showing that despite his macho attitude, Garrett was not at all a beast in the cock department. In fact, he had a micropenis.

“Suck me,” Colby commanded. Garrett got down on his knees and started to suck off the porn star. By this time, word had spread that Garrett was filming a gay sex encounter was having, and so the stream was split between homophobes and people who actually wanted to see this. Garrett proved to be a very good cocksucker, thanks to Andrew’s hypnotic messages. He knew exactly how to play around with Colby’s thick cockhead and full balls, churning with sperm that would eventually land all over his body.

Colby moaned and groaned as the man explored his cock. He began leaking pre-cum early on, and Garrett got a taste of cum for the first time. After some time, Colby pushed Garrett’s head off of his cock. “Time for you to lick my ass,” he said, as he hopped up on his bed. Garrett then stood up and bent over just enough so that his mouth was level with Colby’s ass. He stuck his tongue inside, which the camera got thanks to the angle the two men were at.

Many of the original viewers were shocked that Garrett would do such a thing, but the other fans were eating it all up, in response to Garrett eating ass. Once again, he was a first-time pro at it, engaging in breath play and using his tongue all over Colby’s wide open and hairy hole. As a bit of a punishment, Colby did not clean his hole. Therefore, it reeked and tasted like actual shit as Garrett licked it all up. The viewers didn’t know this, but Andrew and himself did.

After a few minutes of that, the two men changed positions. Colby then gave Garrett a rimjob, a much more pleasant experience. As part of his prep, Garrett cleaned his ass, and shaved it, so Colby was content. However, he didn’t waste as much time before he decided to fuck Garrett. He grabbed a condom, and then rammed his cock in Garrett’s completely virgin ass.

“FUCK!” the homophobe screamed, as his ass was violated for the first time. Colby enjoyed opening up the man’s hole, from a small pinprick to a hole big enough to fit a golf ball inside. By this time, the room reeked of sex, which Colby very much enjoyed. He was a larger man, and so his sweat and other odors quickly became a turn-on for himself, especially once he went into porn. Garrett, on the other hand, was swearing and moaning throughout, not because of the experience, but because of the pain.

This had turned Colby on immensely, so he couldn’t hold back his cum for long. He positioned himself over Garrett’s head after ripping his condom off, and lathered his face in a helping of his rich and creamy cum. Some of it even went in his mouth. Garrett swallowed that, and licked up as much cum as he could. He then went over to the computer and clicked it off. Colby helped him get dressed, and then he left, much to the pleasure of Andrew. By the time the broadcast had ended, only the most virulent homophobes had remained, those with the deep-seated gay tendencies they tried to repress.

Once Garrett got in his car and was driving home, he was himself again. However, he quickly learned that he took part in consensual gay sex, and that he actually liked it. He posted this pic on the way back home, but the damage was already done.

He pulled into his driveway and exited his car, only to see Andrew, and hear a snap that brought him back under yet again.
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