From Recipient to Redneck

Garrett was an aspiring college sophomore. He graduated at the top of his class in high school, which wasn’t very hard. After him and the salutatorian, the next highest GPA was 1.9. As a result, many schools gave him scholarships to offset the cost of college. He chose a fairly local college that had provided him a full-boat scholarship. After he accepted it, an article ran in the local paper with his senior class pic.

That angered one of Garrett’s classmates, Claudius. Claudius had that 1.9 GPA, but he only received it because he had to work on his farm in both the spring and fall. He was a very smart individual, but no schools would accept him because of his poor GPA and shoddy attendance records. He wanted to make Garrett pay, but it would take some time. Luckily, the local community college only cared about making money, so they accepted Claudius, where he took psych and computer programming courses.

During Garrett’s winter break in his sophomore year, he received an email about an app trial. He was a member of a ton of survey sites to supplement his income, so he thought that this was just a site sending him something. There was nothing stating what he would get and how long he would have to download, but most of them just required you install it for a month. He did so, and opened it up to see what it was.

A bright purple spiral enveloped the screen. He tried to close the app, but nothing he could do worked. A smooth and lilting voice then emanated from the phone’s speakers. “Garrett, you will listen to my voice every day. You want to obey my voice. You will desire my voice. You will crave my voice.” Suddenly, the app closed itself, and Garrett was brought back to reality. He didn’t remember being hypnotized, but day after day, he listened to the app, as it slowly changed the scholarship recipient into a twisted version of himself.

Garrett’s closest friends were a bit worried after he posted this picture:

He was never one for graphic tees and faded jeans. He always had that preppy look, although not a pretentious one. His teachers were also noticing a difference too. Garrett was always in the top third of the class, but his grades and even attendance were slowly starting to slip. His normally cultured writing was becoming more southern, and he was starting to be seen at barn parties and engaged in underage drinking. Garrett continued to watch and listen to the spiral and the voice every day.

Of course, the app was Claudius’ brain child. He wanted Garrett to become a redneck, much like how most people characterized him. His rudimentary knowledge in both fields allowed him to create an app that was starting to slowly morph Garrett in the man Claudius wanted him to be. By the end of the spring semester, Garrett had fully become a redneck, wearing radically different clothing and not showing up to any finals, failing out of college. He posted this picture with the hashtags #rednecklife and #Imfree.

A few days later, he heard a knock on his door. He thought it was going to be one of his bitch-ass college friends, but to his surprise, it was Claudius.

“My, my, my, have you changed a lot since I last saw you.”

“I know. It’s like I finally feel free to be who I am.”

“Aeroplane,” Claudius said. Garrett looked at him funny before becoming vacant-eyed.

“Yes, Master?”

“Let’s see how well you perform in the bedroom.”

“Yes, Master.” The two rising college juniors made their way to Garrett’s bedroom, where they both stripped. Neither of them had large cocks, but both were a quite modest six inches.

“Suck me off,” Claudius commanded. Garrett went down and started to suck him off, doing it very well. As part of Garrett’s long induction process into becoming a redneck, Claudius had interspersed gay sex tips so that he would know what to do when the time came. He enjoyed seeing the one-time valedictorian of his high school suck off a man with such bravado, playing with his balls and fingering his hole as well.

“Now hop on the bed and show me your ass, you motherfucker.”

“Yes, Master.” Garrett did so as Claudius grabbed some lube and a condom. Garrett spread his ass cheeks wide open as Claudius inserted his cock into the virgin asshole. Despite feeling searing pain, Garrett said nothing, thanks to his conditioning, and so Claudius enjoyed a very pleasurable experience fucking the newly-minted redneck. He was quite vocal, however, swearing up a storm and moaning as his cock was slowly expanding Garrett’s hole.

After a few minutes of deflowering Garrett’s ass, Claudius was ready to come. “Turn over,” he barked, and positioned himself over Garrett’s mouth. He came, and quite a bit of his milky cum landed in Garrett’s mouth, who ate it all up like a dog lapping water. Once he was done cumming, Claudius once again said, “Aeroplane.”

Garrett was brought back to reality, only now he had the taste of cum in his mouth and his asshole was in intense pain. “Fuck, Claudius! What’d you fucking do to me?” he said as went to grab some water while checking on his asshole as well.

“I just turned you into the man you were always meant to be,” he replied, with a smirk.
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