Isaac in the Men’s Room

It was after school was officially over, so Isaac wasn’t breaking any rules by snapping a bathroom selfie. Normally, he was not one for photos, but he had just become president of the chemistry club, and he wanted his 37 followers to know.

The next day, he was in for a surprise. Brock Vanos had joined chemistry club. He was the school’s star quarterback, and not too bright. He was and had been in all CP classes, except for chem, Isaac quickly learned. Brock had been held back a year, so even though he and Isaac were in the same grade, they barely knew each other. Normally, the small group did an experiment together, but Brock was doing his own thing. Isaac let him be, as no one else in the club could fight him.

A couple weeks later, Brock just stopped going. It seemed as though whatever he had been making was done. He had been allowed to bring it home, as none of the chemicals or the components he used were dangerous. The next day, after chem club, Isaac went to the school bathroom again before leaving. He had accidentally knocked over a nontoxic and harmless chemical with his backpack, after he has washed his hands. He still wanted to get it off him, so he made a quick detour. He noted that the soap they were using was now purple, the same hue as Brock’s experiment, actually, but he didn’t think too much of it.

The next day was Saturday, and Isaac, never one to sleep in, was up at six. He groggily went through his morning routine, which including getting dressed. After splashing some water in his face and going back into his room to grab today’s college textbook, he took a look in the mirror.

“Fuck, is that actually me?” It took him a couple seconds to realize that he should take a selfie, to see if it showed up in real life.

It did. The changes in his body weren’t super drastic, but there was a noticeable shift. He had gone from lanky nerd to lean twink runner overnight. “That’s not fucking possible,” he thought. Then, it clicked. He didn’t have a way to contact Brock, so it took until after lunch to finally get a hold of him, through text.

“What the fuck did your purple soap do to me?”

“Well, you’re a chem nerd, so you’ll understand.” Brock then explained to Isaac how his soap balanced out many molecules in the body, much like balancing equations. Isaac retorted that’s not how it worked, but he couldn’t deny the evidence. “Come on over and I’ll show you my equations.”

“Sure,” Isaac responded, curious to see what Brock actually meant and to see the jock’s home. He arrived at the house about an hour later. “You have a nice place.”

“Thanks. Gregorian.” Isaac looked at the quarterback funny before falling under hypnosis. It was a trap, and he was powerless to resist. “You poor boy,” said Brock, as Isaac stood motionless in front of him. “I’m actually proficient in neuroscience as well, and found a way to change some of your neural pathways. You’re my fucking slave, and not even a master hypnotist can break you out of it. Oh, and as an added bonus, you’ll slowly become a jock like me. Chemistry is so cool, right? Now let’s see how you perform in the bedroom.”

“Yes, Coach.” One of Isaac’s many neural pathways that had been reconditioned was referring to Brock as Coach, and not Master or Sir. The two made their way to the bedroom, where both of them stripped nude.

“Suck,” Brock commanded. Isaac did so, as some of his new pathways were about gay sex. He sucked off the jock for some time, as Brock reveled in the sensations. He was a closeted gay, as no one expected the star QB to be fucking the towel boy and enjoying it. Isaac would change all of that. He was already preprogrammed with all of Brock’s kinks, including biting down on his cock, a pleasurable experience for him. Isaac also knew exactly how long Brock wanted to be sucked for.

“Fuck,” Brock then commanded. Isaac knew he was the bottom, so he hopped up onto the bed and laid on his stomach, in Brock’s favorite position. He was a vicious power top, and the sounds of his body slamming against the newly minted jock’s reverberated throughout the whole house. Isaac was a very passive bottom, only reacting when Brock told him to. He was unnaturally quiet, but Brock would have never enjoyed the sounds over his own loud fucking.

Not wasting much time, Brock came after only three minutes or so, christening his new slave in his cum. Isaac lapped it all up, as he liked to do that, or so he thought. Over the course of the next month or so, Isaac slowly morphed into the jock Brock wanted him to be. There wasn’t a drop in intelligence, but Isaac was pulled out of high school so he could be Brock’s slave full-time. Brock surprised the school by being accepted in the world’s top neurochemistry schools, even though he had failed English and practically every other subject. And Isaac was by his side through it all.
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