Losing Layers

Ethan just wanted to get through college. He was lucky enough to get a substantial scholarship to a good school, but it meant going to the other side of the country. He didn’t know anybody there, and so he kept to himself most days. He still kept in contact with a few of his old high school friends, and he still posted on Instagram, a bit more camera-shy than before.

However, he found he was quite bored. He desperately wanted something to fill the time, and decided to do a sport. He had a lean body and was relatively fit, but he had never done an actual sport before. Cross-country appealed to him. It was just competitive running, and he knew how to run! He signed up, and was in for a bit of a shock distance-wise, but it was worth it to keep him busy. One thing Ethan and the other runners enjoyed was their vast campus, with a lot of green around them. This meant the runners could wear earbuds while they ran, and not have to worry too often.

Ethan soon found out that the music he was going to be listening to had to be sanctioned by Coach Brown. The weirdest thing was that Ethan had to give him the device overnight, so Coach could look into it deeply. Nobody else on the team found that odd, and despite his fears, he couldn’t go on another 10k without something in his ear. He got his iPod back and started blasting the music on his next run. A cursory glance of the playlist showed nothing was added or dropped, so he didn’t think anything of it.

A couple weeks later, Ethan posted another selfie after class. He was in a restroom, and he looked kind of dumb, sticking out his tongue but also blocking it by his phone. His jeans remained the same, but what a few people noticed was that Ethan was now wearing a t-shirt. Ethan was always a bit stylish, and even in the hot summers, still wore layers. Now, he had just one. His old friends just thought he was adapting to the climate of his new school, and his new friends knew how fickle the weather could be.

Cross-country was going well. Ethan usually went shirtless at practice, along with the other guys, and the girls stripped to their sports bras as well. No one on the team found it odd, even though by the end of the season, they were practicing in nothing but their underwear and shoes. After the season was over, winter track season was going to start up soon. In a bit of an unprecedented move, every single one of the cross-country runners signed up for winter track, which was also coached by Brown.

Practices were now held inside, and so earbuds and music couldn’t be used, especially because of the crappy intercom system the indoor track had. Ethan was put into the sprinter’s group, as he had always shined running in the home stretch during meets, and not so much on the actual course. This was a behind the scenes look at his official athlete’s photo.

The once shy freshman had now gotten rid of sleeves as well, and was not afraid to show off his sizable bulge on camera. Practices had also gotten a bit more erotic as well. Everyone was practicing nude, except for the people with breasts, who had a bra, albeit flimsy, so their breasts wouldn’t bounce around too much. No one batted an eye, and since the indoor track was only used by them, no one knew what Coach Brown had done. He debriefed his victims at their first one-on-one practice. Ethan had his towards the middle of the season.

As he sucked off his coach, Brown explained. “I think you might have realized by now that I did something to your playlist. It was adding binaural beats to the background of each and every song. They slowly wore down your sexual guard. You were one of the last to take your shirt and pants off, Ethan, but you finally got there. And the reason that the track has crappy speakers? It’s because I’m forced to use the back-up intercom. The regular speakers are blasting out even more binaural beats causing all of your fellow runners to become my sexual slaves. Isn’t that fun?”

“Yes, Master,” monotonously replied Ethan, who had finished sucking off his coach.

“I want to see that big juicy cock of yours in action. Fuck me!”

“Yes, Master,” Ethan replied. Brown had a couch in his office, and he laid down on it. Ethan got into position and rammed his cock into his coach’s ass. Brown noted to himself to update the conditioning next year as Ethan robotically fucked his coach, not vocalizing or caring for his pleasure. Brown was actually enjoying it, as it was like a no-frills attached fuck, even if it hurt like a motherfucker. Ethan also came without warning, and in his coach, coating the inside of his ass in his thick and creamy cum. He then pulled out, cock still dripping cum, and awaited his next order.

“Practice with your relay team.”

“Yes, Master.” Ethan went back to the track without cleaning himself up, but Brown had to. This office was a shared one, and no one needed to know someone had fucked in it.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2GOCyTk

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