Be A Man!

“A man doesn’t need facial hair to be a man!” screamed Seth for the hundredth time. His father, Harold, had a sizable beard and mustache that many women fawned over. Seth ran up the stairs and into his room. It’s not he didn’t want facial hair; it was just that none of it would actually grow on his face. Harold, finally fed up with his son’s ministrations, researched online for a solution for hair growth. The only problem was that most of the solution were for scalp hair, and not for any kind of body hair.

After searching for quite a bit, he stumbled across a website that promised results. It looked to be shady, but he recognized an old college friend on the front page, who he remembered couldn’t grow a beard to save his life. Now he had quite the impressive stache, so Harold took that as proof that this worked. He neglected to read through the long and detailed side effects of the drug he was about to give his son. It also required a picture of the afflicted man. Harold sent this picture in as he waited for the shipment to come. He assumed it was for a before and after thing.

A few days later, the package arrived in the mail. Seth was at school at the time, so Harold opened it up. There was five containers of a small white pill titled “HairGro”.

“Very subtle,” he thought, as he unpacked them and got to figuring out how he would give them to Seth. After some experimenting, he found that they dissolved in most liquids, and were practically tasteless. Harold plopped the first pill in a glass of milk Seth had with dinner that night, and he didn’t notice anything weird.

A few weeks passed. Whenever Harold could, he spiked his son’s drink with the HairGro. Both of them were starting to see results. The website had stated it was a slow process, but Harold was excited, nonetheless.

Seth just had the faintest of shadows on top of his lip. He assumed it was just cilia that were becoming bunched together, and it was nothing to worry about. However, he was getting worried about another thing. He found himself checking out guys as much as he did girls. Now he wasn’t just staring at breasts, he was also staring at bulges. He was straight as an arrow, so it was weird that he was so attracted to a male body part. He chalked it up to the lesson they were in now in psych, learning about sexuality in humans.

A few more weeks passed, and the two men saw even more improvement in Seth’s facial hair. The process was taking a fucking long time, but at least he had hair around his chin now!

His peach fuzz above his lip had still not grown out too much, but you could tell that he was starting to grow a beard. Others had noticed and started congratulating him on it. None of them thought he was less of a man for not having a beard, but in his town, most of the men had them anyways. What was still bugging Seth, however, was his increasingly gay tendencies. He had been caught staring at a dude’s butt for too long, but laughed that off, pretending he thought it was a woman’s ass.

However, he found himself watching gay porn and getting hard in his math class, which had many football jocks in it, right after their practice. Very few showered so they could make it in time. He didn’t know what was causing all these thoughts.

Now it had been about three months since Seth had started HairGro, unknowingly. By this time, one of the side effects that the website had warned about had manifested itself.

Seth had gained a new hairstyle and enough facial hair to be considered a “man”, in Harold’s opinion. However, Harold had a new problem to “fix”, or so he thought. Seth had recently come out to him as gay, and his wardrobe changed as well. Now he started to look decently fashionable, with a fancy T-shirt in a teal color, in contrast to the sweatshirts and plaid that permeated his college.

Harold went back to the HairGro website and forced himself to read the side effects and other information. There, in bold red letters after a bit of scrolling, was the message “Long-term use of the drug will turn the recipient gay. This effect is irreversible, even if HairGro use is stopped immediately.” The rest of the section dealt with how the drug changed the sexuality of the person.

“Fuck,” thought Harold, but even he knew that there was nothing he could do. His son was now gay, and there was nothing he could do about it.
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