Jock Boy to Baby Boy

Ryan Berninger had it all. He was the starting quarterback for his high school, and was dating one of the teachers there, who must have had plastic surgery on her boobs. He was invited to every party, and lost his virginity pretty early. After posting this pic to his social media, he got a DM from one of his classmates.

Larry was a good kid, if a bit eclectic. However, he always made it to their games, even the away ones, so Ryan replied yes, he would go to the party he was hosting. That Friday, Ryan and a couple of his jock friends piled in his car and drove over to Larry’s. As Ryan expected, there weren’t too many popular kids there, but Larry didn’t say he needed to be there for the whole party. A few minutes after the jocks arrived, Larry gathered everyone in the living room.

“The surprise is here!” he said. The surprise was a hypnotist, who wasn’t half-bad looking, despite being a dude. After his introduction, he called for his first volunteer. Larry and quite a few of his friends offered up Ryan. He didn’t mind, as it was the least he could do for the kid. He stepped “on stage”, really just a platform the dude had brought, and stood there as the pendulum he pulled out moved back and forth.

Slowly but surely, Ryan fell under.

The crown watched as he clucked like a chicken amongst other things. Once Ryan’s turn was done, the hypnotist leaned in to his ear. “Put this number into your phone.” He then rattled off a number, and lifted the jock out of hypnosis. The hypnotist brought up a few more people before leaving. Ryan had actually enjoyed the party, and Larry couldn’t thank him enough for coming. The selfie the two took together had the most likes of any of his posts!

The next day, Ryan woke up to a missed call. He didn’t recognize the number, but it was his contact as “H”. He called it back, thinking it must have been something he had done while he was under. “Hello,” said a voice he remembered from last night. Before he could hang up, the hypnotist uttered, “Rutabaga. That’s such a fun word that almost no one uses.” Ryan fell under his control again, only this time, it wasn’t for fun.

“My client wants me to hypnotize you into thinking you’re a toddler. And he said to specify one that still wears diapers.”

“Yes, sir. I will become a toddler who wears diapers.”

“Good boy. Once I snap, then it will take effect.” Ryan heard a SNAP, and then dropped his phone. His toddler mind wasn’t used to holding stuff like that.

His parents came home later that night to find a shocking scene. Their high school senior had pissed and shit his pants, and seemed to have reverted back to a toddler. Doctors ran quite a few tests, but none could figure out why Ryan regressed so suddenly. There was no brain trauma, and no one had tested for hypnosis.

Larry smiled to himself after the local news station ran a piece about Ryan. He looked at the wad of cash the person who actually wanted to see Ryan act like a toddler paid him for bringing the hypnotist to the party. Now, he didn’t need to worry about paying for college.

This story was requested by @superbpeachvoidfish
from Tumblr

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