What About Pink?

Rory Martin didn’t have much going for him in college. He wasn’t popular, and didn’t fit in to any cliques, even the loners, as he had a solid group of friends. However, one thing about him did stand out: his love for the color pink.

Even though he was totally straight, and refused to even step foot in a guys’ locker room, he wore pink with pride. Not gay pride, of course. Many of the guys in his friend group found it a bit peculiar, but Rory defended his choice. Many times, the sound logic of pink shirts for men being less expensive won them over, although few ever adapted that color into their wardrobe.

A couple weeks into the semester, a new transfer student showed up in a couple of Rory’s classes. Brant Zinno was a small and feminine-looking man, who Rory quickly learned was actually gay. He had transferred to this college because of rampant homophobia at his old college. Despite his nudity objections, Rory was fine with gay people. Just as long as they didn’t want to fuck him.

Brant learned about Rory throughout the semester. The guy who proudly wore pink to most classes was not gay, and had his own personal shower in a suite of six guys. It wasn’t until winter break that Rory’s true colors revealed himself to Brant. He followed Rory on Twitter, and a few days into winter break, Rory went on a tweet storm. He must have been drunk off his rocker, as the words he spewed out were not what Brant had come to expect.

Littered in through the attacks on many of the cliques was blatant homophobia, with derogatory terms and attacks on classmates who had dared to intrude on his fragile male ego. Brant, a psych major, knew that these were deep-seated repressive thoughts, and then quickly came to the conclusion that Rory’s brain would be susceptible to hypnosis. He contacted one of his fuck buddies who had done a bunch of research on hypnosis, and together, they whipped together a tape that would ruin Rory’s life. Both had been slandered in Rory’s tweet storm, so they just thought of it as revenge.

A couple days later, Rory got a DM on Twitter from an unknown source. It was Rory’s friend, and he had sent Rory hardcore lesbian porn, featuring his favorite two actors. He hadn’t seen these scene before, so he devoured the five minutes Twitter allowed for most videos. What he didn’t realize was that behind the sexual moans of the two women was hypnotic messaging, slowly warping his mind, as well as a rainbow spiral, something most people would have noticed.

Brant was excited for his statistics class in the spring semester. It was the only class he and Rory shared. He got there extra early to see the new and improved Rory. Most of his classmates were shocked by his new appearance. He had grown his hair out and was wearing it in an Ariana Grande-style ponytail. He had makeup on, but was most alarming was his clothes. He was wearing a crop top that was clearly meant for women. His pecs barely made a bulge in the fabric, and it looked horrible on him. He was also wearing a frilly pink skirt, and those behind him got a taste of the lace panties he was wearing underneath.

When others questioned him about it, he told them that was who he truly was. As the hypnosis only changed so much, it didn’t occur to him to use gender-neutral pronouns. After class, Brant hightailed it out of there and rushed to the football field stands, to watch the rest of Rory’s humiliation. Besides making him think he was a woman, the hypnosis also made him think he was the most popular girl on campus. The most popular guy on campus, Rodney LaCarte, was newly single this semester.

Rory made his way over to Rodney before practice started, blending into the crowd of ogling freshman. However, he pushed his way to the front, yelling at the freshman that he was the popular girl on campus. Rodney’s face was shocked when the girl who had forced her way to him was actually Rory Martin. Even from high up in the stands, Brant could see Rodney say, “Fuck you!” before punching the feminized Rory to the ground. Revenge was sweet, Brant though, as he uploaded the video of the encounter to social media.
from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2IxKquY

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