Double Trouble

Lucifer Jones was looking for some men to hypnotize. After growing up with a name like that, he turned to the more evil side of the world, much like his namesake. He arrived on the street where his next victims would be. Kieran Hughes and Matt Mountgomery were two college sophomores living together, off campus. He checked the photos he had of the two men.

Kieran was in grey, and Matt was in black. It was actually at this wedding that his services were first requested. He arrived at their house a couple minutes later. Kieran then opened the door, clad in nothing but his boxers.

“Hey, what can I do for you?” he asked. Lucifer just stared at him as his eyes quickly hypnotized the poor lad.

(Sorry for the crappy quality!)

“You think of yourself of being old, fat, and bald,” Lucifer said, as he went to find Matt. He was lounging in his room, but instead of boxers, he was wearing briefs.

“What the fuck, K? Wait! You’re not Kieran!” The lengthy eye contact needed to ascertain that fact gave Lucifer enough time to hypnotize the other male in the household.

“Matt, you will now think of yourself as a lumberjack. The way you dress, the way you workout, and the way you speak will all be affected.”

“Yes, sir.” Lucifer then snapped his fingers and brought the two of them out of hypnosis. Kieran was promptly kicked out of the house by Matt, who had some things he needed to take care of.

His wardrobe solely consisted of flannels and khakis. He did have a wide range of different styles, but every day, he walked around in the same type of clothing as yesterday. He also hit the gym every day, to help create the lumberjack style body, with a barrel-style chest. Finally, his speech patterns also changed. He talked in a stereotypical Canadian fashion, peppering his sentences with their slang.
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