He’s Getting There

Micah was a baby-faced college senior. Many people thought he meant high school senior, or even younger, but that wasn’t the case.

He was lean and fit, but not as muscular as he would liked. Regardless, he was in his final semester of college, getting his bachelor’s in research psychology. Most of his close friends were in the department, but they were split between research and clinical. One friend in particular stood out to Micah whenever they hung out: Gary.

Gary was on the clinical psychology track, but he didn’t want to be one of those therapists with a couch in their office. He wanted to be a hypnotherapist, a very small group of clinical psychologists. He was the only one at their school, and he was always looking for test subjects. Micah usually helped his buddy out, but Gary’s studies had started to take a turn that he didn’t like.

You see, Gary was gay. Micah didn’t mind that in the slightest, and had indulged in a couple threesomes before. What Micah didn’t like was the increasingly gay nature of the hypnosis. Gary had asked him if it was okay to make him gay for a day, but Micah refused. That led to a rift in their friendship, which was not helped when Gary heard Micah talking behind his back about his junk psychology.

He wanted payback, and knew just how to do it. Despite their recent falling-out, the two seniors still lived on the same apartment floor, and sometimes musical beds were enacted a roommate wouldn’t be bothered by a fuck or a science experiment. It took some bribing and sucking a few people off, but Micah and Gary were roomies for a night. Micah didn’t like the arrangement, but he didn’t hate it, either. It was just for one night, and besides, he went to bed early tonight. When Gary was absolutely sure Micah was asleep, he put his plan into action.

He placed a speaker underneath Micah’s bed frame. Much like in the dorm rooms they had freshman year, their bed frames were raised. Gary knew that vocal hypnosis worked out best, and he turned it to a level that only Micah could hear comfortably. Gary had earplugs in just in case, but knew that is a very rare occurrence for the hypnotist to be ensnared by their own voice.

The next morning, Micah had woken up first. Gary, being a light sleeper, made sure to move the speaker over to his bed and shut it off before Micah came back in. Micah then went to change. Even when the two were great friends, Micah still felt weird changing around him. Today, however, he brazenly stripped in front of Gary, who was getting his clothes ready for his morning shower.

“Was it that bad?” he asked Micah, as he looked around for a pair of socks.

“I guess not. Hey, what’s the store you always wanted us to go to, but it had that weird leather daddy fashion stuff?”

“Leonard’s, on Sixth Street.”

“Thanks.” Micah changed and left the apartment. Gary just smiled to himself. This would be the start of a long process of turning Micah gay, and a BDSM freak to boot. He invited Gary to lunch later that day, where he showed off his haircut.

“Slow and steady wins the race,” thought Gary as he sat down to eat. “At least it’s more clean-cut now.”
from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2EwRLXB

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