Smart Device

Jorden was taking a ubiquitous bathroom selfie when a notification popped up on his phone: “Connect to Smart Hand Dryer?”

“What the fuck?” he thought, but he pressed it anyways, as a joke. His screen then lit up with a massive rainbow spiral, as a soothing voice emanated from his phone’s speaker.

“You will never wear a shirt again. Your whole life, the whole world can see your shirtless body. If you do not comply, then there will be consequences.” The spiral then went away, and the connection to the smart device was dropped. Jorden took off his shirt and jacket, and then exited the bathroom. The only problem was that he was in a mall at the time. The mall security were quickly alerted to a shirtless man walking around. They told him he needed a shirt, but Jorden said he couldn’t put one on. He was promptly kicked out of the mall.

Life became quite the non-existent struggle for Jorden. At home, no one batted an eye if he walked around shirtless. His parents did find it a bit odd that he was still shirtless when he ate and when they had guests over, but he was 19. They couldn’t do much to control the college sophomore.

School was a bit more interesting. The college actually didn’t have a rule about what clothes, or if any, you needed to wear to class, so Jorden got away with it for quite some time. However, many of the girls and quite a few guys were attracted to the stud who showed up to class shirtless weekly, and was fit to boot. Thankfully, it didn’t interfere too much with schooling, but next semester, his choices for classes were slightly limited, now that word had gotten around campus.

However, problems started to pop up eventually. He was able to coast by on his parent’s funds, but they were goading him into getting an actual job. The only problem was that for practically every job, a shirt was required. Jorden looked into becoming a lifeguard or a personal trainer, but those still required long periods of having a shirt on. He decided to bite the bullet and put on a shirt for the first time in quite a long time, for an interview at the YMCA for a lifeguard.

It went reasonably well, and Jorden was excited that he was well on his way to getting an actual job. However, what he didn’t know was that the same person who had hypnotized him quite a while ago was watching him. The program was still hidden on his phone, and seeing him in a shirt for a pre-interview selfie pushed him over the edge. For his post-interview selfie, Jorden was once again shirtless.

However, as soon as he pressed the camera button, the screen changed to the rainbow spiral he had seen about a year or so before. The same voice came from the speaker, but in a different tone. “You have disobeyed my orders, Jorden. That means you will have to be punished. Meet me at this address tomorrow. Come alone.” Once again, the screen went away suddenly, and Jorden came back to reality. He posted the selfie on social media, and then set a reminder for an event he had just remembered.

The next day, in the afternoon, he arrived at the address. It was an abandoned warehouse, which he thought didn’t exist in real life. He entered and made his way to the center of the room.

“Hi, is anyone here? I know I’m supposed to be here, but for what?”

“For your punishment,” said a familiar voice, stepping out of the shadows.

“I know that voice. But I don’t know who you are.”

“Oh, we don’t actually know each other. But you’re just one of the many people under my control. Much like William here.” The man gesticulated to a muscular man walking behind him. “This is William Seed, a gay porn star. And he likes to film amateur footage. You’ll be his next fuck.”

“Fuck no!” Jorden said, but he felt strangely compelled to pull down his pants. “What the fuck are doing to me?”

“Oh, I laced that sentence with your trigger words: amateur footage. Even wonder why the Blair Witch Project was getting you off?” Jorden had realized that recently, but never thought it would be because of some hypnosis.

“Fuck! Me!” Jorden said, quite surprised at himself.

“Sure,” said William, who went over to the hunk and pushed him to the ground. Using his hands, he held Jorden there as he started to rim Jorden’s ass. He had never had a rim job before, and it felt exhilarating. This could partly be because the hypnotist was making him enjoy it, but he would ask his girlfriend to try it out on him later. After getting his hole all lubed up, William stuck his cock into Jorden’s hole. He was an anal virgin, and William’s cock was quite big, not the best introduction to anal sex.

“Fuck!” Jorden once again screamed, but this time, it was because of pleasurable pain. He actually enjoyed having something up his ass. He began thinking of strap-ons as an actual cock ravaged his hole. He quickly found himself becoming a power bottom, meeting William’s thrusts of his cock with some of his own. The hypnotist enjoyed this very much, and could not wait to watch the video later.

A few minutes had passed, and William was ready to cum. He flipped Jorden over, and saw the straight stud had a rock hard cock as well.

“Let’s cum together,” he said, in that thick accent of his, and Jorden gladly obliged. A few seconds later, two streams of cum came flying out of two very big cocks, and landing on the other man. Both of them waited until their hard-ons subsided, and then licked their sperm off the other person’s body. Once that was over, the two men heard a click, as the video camera was turned off.

“That wasn’t so bad, right?” said the hypnotist.

“It really wasn’t,” said Jorden, still under his control.

“When you wake up, you will remember everything, including the thoughts you had during sex. And if I ever see you wearing a shirt again, there will be more severe consequences.”

“Okay.” The hypnotist then SNAPPED, and Jorden took a second to come back to reality. By that time, the hypnotist and William were long gone, but he was still nude and had cum on his chest. It didn’t taste like his.

A few days later, he sent this photo to his girlfriend with the caption, “Just had an enema! Ready to fuck me, baby?” Jorden had a weird fetish for pegging now, that both parties actually enjoyed.
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