Neil was head over heels in love, with a woman, that is. Cassandra and him had been going out for quite some time. The two loved to tease each other at work, as they worked opposite shifts. Cassie worked the night shift as a nurse. The teasing consisted mostly of flirty text messages, but also some sexts as well. Neil sent the above photo to Cassie one evening only to get this response back.

“Wrong number, bro! But you have quite the dick there.” It came from his brother, Patrick.

“Shit!” said Neil, when he looked at the contact. He and Pat had been texting earlier that day, and he must have instinctively clicked the top contact, instead of checking to see who it was. He immediately called up Pat.

“That wasn’t meant for you.”

“I could tell, thanks to the text you sent with it. But you do have quite the smoking hot body, Neil.”

“Thanks, Pat, but I’m with Cassie right now. And you said you wouldn’t do this anymore.”

“But now I have a recent picture of you to jerk off to.”

“Can’t you just fucking delete it?”

“I can, but I won’t.”

“Please, I’ll do anything!”

“Anything, you said?”

“Fuck, Pat, yes! I’ll do whatever you want just so you can delete that photo.”

“Have sex with me.”

“I’m not fucking gay, Patrick. And that would be even worse!”

“What would be worse is me forwarding this pic to Cassie’s boss and telling him she receives texts like this every day, when she should be working.”

“How do you even know Ken?”

“Us gays all have brunch together.”


“Get your fucking head out of your ass, Neil. We went on a date, but decided to remain friends.”

“Fine. Send me the time and location.”

“Thanks, bro!” Patrick hung up, and Neil was quite angry at himself. He knew that Pat was gay and had had a crush on him for the longest time, but this was reaching new extremes. But after the health scare Cassie had gone through while replying to one of Neil’s sexts, he couldn’t take any chances.

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