“Are you sure it will work? He’s a Kryptonian.”

“It will be all right.”

“If you say so.” The two green aliens stood on the rafter, waiting for their time to strike. Superman was beneath them, getting ready for a press appearance at Comic-Con. After he dismissed the hair and makeup people, he had a few minutes before he was set to go on. The two took that as their chance, and dropped down.

Their highly elastic bodies allowed them to bounce from Clark’s upper lip into his nostrils and into his brain, without him recognizing that something was wrong. He knew something was up, though, when he got and started to feel up his cock. Yes, he hadn’t cum in a while, but he was never this brazen. Then he started walking, even though he wasn’t telling his brain to do so.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!” he thought, as he walked through the backstage of the convention center, passing by the door he was supposed to go through.

Superman wanted to say, but couldn’t. Whatever was controlling him had shut him up for the time being. Once they made it outside, they forced Superman to fly, making his way to Antartica. There, he was brought aboard a ship that was clearly human sized, even though the people controlling him had to have been very small. His suspicions were confirmed when he walked himself into a cell, only to have two small green blobs come out of his nostrils, and roll away. He went to bend the metal bars, but found that he couldn’t.

“It’s Kryptonite-infused, my boy,” said an alien, walking towards him. “The explosion of your planet wasn’t all sent to Earth, it seems. Quite a bit landed on our home planet.”

“And what planet was that?”

“Selcitset, Superman.” Clark then remembered what his father had told him about this planet. It was full of male humanoid aliens, but the only problem was that they had no reproductive material. They gave birth by stealing sperm from other species.

“You’ll never get my cum,” Clark defiantly replied, making a Superman pose.

“I think so,” the alien said. “That cell is lined with kryptonite, and I can already see getting weaker by the second.” That was right, as Clark could barely support his arms in that pose, let alone fight.

“But how are going to transport me to your milking chamber?”

“Guards!” the alien screamed. Two bulkier aliens came into Clark’s eye line, carrying a collar and what appeared to be a giant ring.

“I understand the collar, but what’s the ring for?”

“The Boy Scout moniker is aptly given. It’s a fucking cock ring, Superman. Both are laced with high amounts of kryptonite, so no fighting back.” Superman was forced to be docile as the guards stripped him and placed both of the devices on him, rendering him even weaker than before. “Let’s go,” the head alien barked.

Clark felt his strength returning as they moved farther from his cage, but his hopes at escape were dashed when, after rounding a corner, the milking room was right there. “It’s not that easy to escape,” the head alien said, as the guards lifted him onto the table and bound him to it, with kryptonite laced into it, of course. The three of them left, after placing what appeared to be a cock pump on his penis.

Clark had quite the monster cock, which was a shock to Lois when she found out. The up and down nature of the device quickly made him get rock hard, and the urethral opening almost touched the pipe that would collect his sperm. He tried to hold back for as long as he could, but as soon as his body clenched, a voice came from a loudspeaker.

“It’s not going to be that easy, you flying brick.” To Clark’s surprise, he found something rammed into his asshole. It quickly found his prostrate, and started vibrating.

“FUCK!” Clark said. That made it infinitesimally tougher to edge himself and then pull back, but he couldn’t let these aliens have his sperm. After a few minutes had passed, a similar tube to the one on his dick came down, but this was actually a pair that went on to his nipples. The nipple pumps plumped them up to obscene size, and then were replaced by clothespins. Despite the searing pain throughout his body, Clark stood firm, although the device had collected some of his pre-cum.

Finally, a device came down from the ceiling, this time landing squarely in his mouth. It had been forced open prior to the tube being stuck in there, but it was of a different type than before. Before anything came through, a small device popped out and squeezed his nostrils shut. “These aliens are quite advanced technologically,” Clark thought, before a liquid began coursing through the tube. Clark drank some of it first, before the intercom crackled back on.

“That’s our piss you’re drinking!” Clark, trying not to swallow the piss while being inadvertently turned on everywhere else in his body meant he couldn’t hold back much long, and he finally came, in an explosive cumshot that nearly broke the tube into a million pieces. The aliens watched hungrily as about a gallon of Clark’s cum was piped through a system and landed in a container, ready to be sent to the fertility clinics back home. Clark was brought down from his state of ecstasy quickly, only to find his cock was too.

“Shit!” he thought to himself. “I gave those motherfuckers just what they wanted!” A few minutes later, the guards came in and released him. He was then cuffed and led to the docking bay, which was scarily close to his cell and the milking station.

“This ship was built especially for men like you,” the head alien said, as he pushed Clark out of the ship. He landed gracefully on the ground and broke the handcuffs easily, but by that time, the ship had already made a hyperspace jump. Thankfully, the Fortress of Solitude wasn’t too far away, as he needed a new suit.
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