The Town With Cum

Archie Andrews was late to wrestling practice, yet again. The excuse that he was banging the hot new math teacher would fly in the locker room, but not with Coach. He then realized he forgot his earbuds. When they weren’t working one-on-one, they could listen to their own music. He then realized his phone wasn’t in his pocket either. He walked over to Reggie, having already changed.

“Hey, Reg, is it possible if I use your phone today? I forgot mine.”

“Archie, why the fuck would I give you my phone?”

“Do you want to know what Ms. Walcott’s pussy tastes like?”

“You banged her! Fuck yeah, Andrews! Yeah, take my phone. Here’s the password.”

Archie, being the team’s star wrestler, finished his one-on-one first, and then went to do some more drills, including stretching and calisthenics. As he started to do trunk twists, he turned on Reggie’s phone and clicked on his workout playlist.

Archie thought, even though he assumed they had similar taste. It was heavy on the white noise and had this weird beat in the background, but it got him into a rhythm quickly, and he had one of his best workouts ever. After practice was over, he handed Reggie back his stuff.

“Thanks, man.”

“No problem. Just tell me when I can taste Ms. W’s pussy!”

“Got it,” Archie replied, as Reggie flashed the grin all the ladies, and Kevin, swooned over. School went by quickly the rest of the week, and then Archie woke up on Saturday with only one thought in his mind: I need to go to Reggie’s. His dad wasn’t home, so he hopped in his car and drove over. When he answered the door, he was surprised to see Reggie nude.

He had, of course, seen him nude before, doing practically every sport with him, but never at home.

“Like what you see, Andrews?”

“Fuck yeah I do! Is your dad home?”

“He’s on a business trip this weekend. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

“Sure!” Normally, Archie never would have even thought about going upstairs with a nude Reggie. The Asian jock would be nursing a shiner before he did that, but something seemed different. Laid out on Reggie’s bedside table was some lube and Magnum condoms.

“How’d you know I need the big size, too, Reg?”

“I’ve seen you naked a bunch of times, Andrews. Even I know you’re a Magnum dude.” To accentuate his knowledge, he went over to Archie and grabbed his crotch, revealing Archie had a hard-on. “Let’s get you out of these sweats and on to my bed.”

“Yes, sir.” Archie was a bit shocked he had called Reggie sir. They were the same age, but he just loved as the hunky three season athlete helped him to take off all his clothes.

“I see someone freeballed this morning.”

“Yes, sir, just like you told me.”

“That’s right. I must have forgotten. Now let’s see how well you can suck dick, Andrews.” Archie, without a second thought, dropped to his knees, and positioned Reggie’s cock just over his mouth. He slowly and sensually moved up the cock, using his tongue to lather it all up, playing with Reggie’s balls at the same time. Reggie knew Archie had a bad gag reflex, so he didn’t want the poor lad to deepthroat him, but he did get very far before pulling back.

Reggie, being the alpha that he was, then grabbed a bunch of Archie’s fire-red hair and solidified his place as the dominant in this scenario. He controlled how fast and how much of Archie’s mouth went on to his cock, but he did leave the redhead alone when it came to his hands. Playing with both his balls and perineum left Reggie in a heavily aroused state that he really didn’t hate.

“Now get on the bed, ass-up, Andrews. I’m going to fuck you like the little bitch you are.”

“Yes, sir!” replied Archie, with a smile that would not be out of place in a porno. Reggie slipped on one of the Magnum condoms, and then lubed up his cock. Without warning, he rammed his cock into Archie’s asshole. Despite being totally straight, Archie didn’t yell. Reggie had wanted this to be natural, so what’s the problem?

“Andrews, why the fuck is your ass so loose? Have you been a bitch bottom for some other guys?”

“Jug and I used to fuck each other. Once he starting dating Betty, then we stopped.”

“You got fucking Jughead to fuck you!? I never knew he had it in him,” laughed Reggie, as he continued his assault on Archie’s ass. Unlike with his mouth, Reggie knew that his cock could go all the way, and he did not hold back. He was in more pain than Archie probably was, with the force of his balls slamming against Archie’s ass, which was starting to become the same color as his hair.

To compensate for the quiet and serene nature of Archie, Reggie turned into a vocal powerhouse. He repeatedly called Archie his little bitch, and Josie could hear Reggie’s moans and groans all the way in her house. Neither of the men had showered since Friday’s practice, so it reeked in the bedroom, but Reggie loved that scent. Archie would learn to love it too.

A few minutes later, Reggie was ready to cum. “Turn around, Andrews!” Archie laid on his back and watched as Reggie tore the condom off and ejaculated all over his hairless and muscular body. The initial cumshots even reached his face, and Archie lapped up all the cum he could, before Reggie went down on him again and passionately made out with his fellow jock.

Reggie caught up with Ms. Walcott a few days later. “Did it work?” she asked.

“Like a charm. I know you’re a lesbian and all, but I couldn’t just come out and say I wanted to fuck Andrews.”

“No problem, nephew. I know how that feels. Did the hypnosis work?”

“Andrews is my little bitch now, and he doesn’t even care. I heard he blew off plans with Jug, and just plainly told him it was because we fucked.”

“And my cash?” Reggie then handed his aunt a thick wad of cash.

“I finagled it out of Dad for your Christmas present.” Ms. Walcott just smiled to herself as the two of them parted ways.
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