Special Training

Robbie was one of the best jocks Stanton High had ever seen. He was a star three season athlete, and he excelled academically too. In fact, quite a few of the seniors did. This led to some great publicity for the school, but it also created a huge problem. The seniors were to graduate, naturally, but none of the teams would rise to the same caliber as this year’s. The football head coach and principal came up with a plan.

“Did you hear?” asked Robbie, to his guys at lunch. “The district just abolished age limits for sports! That means Roger can join the team next year!” Roger was a stellar athlete, but quite dumb. He had failed senior year three times now, but his incredibly rich parents had kept him in the school.

“I wonder how that will affect our school’s eligibility?” pondered one of Robbie’s friends, Stephen.

“The article says it’s slowly going district-wide.”

Later that day, after practice, Coach pulled all of the academic senior jocks aside.

“Men, I want you to do a trial run of a new program I’m thinking of using next year. You guys are the only ones on the team to have enough knowledge to understand.”

“Yes, Coach.” The jocks were led into the team room, where a projector was set up. Coach pressed play, and he started to set his part of the plan into motion. The video ostensibly talked about specific football plays and the calculations needed and what not, but underneath the video was a hypnotic spiral and subliminal messaging. The video went on for about an hour, and Coach couldn’t wait to see the effects the next day.

As he hoped, the duration of the video caused the effects to be noticeable. All of the jocks who had watched the video had become dumber overnight, it seemed. Most of them couldn’t answer questions in class, and one poor jock who had been dabbling in becoming a himbo prior couldn’t even do basic math. In the locker room that afternoon, the second-string quarterback voiced his concerns to Robbie.

“I don’t know what was in that video, but you shouldn’t watch any more of them. It’s making you dumb.”

Robbie asked the jock with long hair. The subliminal messages also made sure the men never realized they were actually going under and getting their minds warped.

“The video, Robbie! I saw Coach lug out the projector!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“UGH!” said the quarterback as he stormed away.

After practice, the same jocks were sent to watch the second video in the series, this time with a junior as well. Kyle, the long-haired second string QB was in there as well. None of the seniors questioned it as they further went under and became even more of a himbo.

The next day, the effects were even more dire for the jocks. Their clothing changed into something much more slutty, and their IQs dropped even lower. The poor himbo jock from yesterday couldn’t even spell his name correctly, let alone learn something in school. In the locker room, Kyle once again voiced his concerns, but not in the way he hoped.

“I watched the video yesterday, and I think Coach thinks I’m smarter than I’m letting on.”

Robbie exclaimed, oblivious to the fact Kyle didn’t get the subliminal message to not know about it. “Coach says we don’t even need to practice today! We get to watch the three-hour long finale!” Robbie forcefully grabbed Kyle’s hand and dragged him into the team room, where Coach played the video, which he made sure to include specific instruction for Kyle, who would forget about the whole thing.

A few weeks later, Mr. Amell demanded a meeting with the principal. He stormed into the office with Robbie in tow, who had a goofy grin on his face.

“I had my son’s IQ tested, Mr. Robinson. It’s in the single fucking digits. Robbie was excelling in school just a month ago. Do you know why he has suddenly become a himbo?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. This video explains our process.” Principal Robinson queued up a video that ostensibly explained what they had done, but was actually just a hypnotic spiral laced with commands for the parents. Mr. Amell allowed Robbie to play for the school as long as his coach desired. These jocks only had knowledge of sports in their brain, and pretty much nothing else. Robinson was ecstatic looking at the end of the year bank account, with the school’s funds the largest it had even been.
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