Asking Questions

Tyler rushed home from school. It was nearing the end of the year, and he was just invited to a party. A boy-girl party, if you know what I mean. That meant no parents would be home, which was an issue with Tyler’s dad, Brian. He was overly protective of his son, being the only family he had left. Tyler was 18, however, and wanted more freedom from his father. He arrived home and heard the sounds of a shower coming from upstairs. Dad usually worked the 4 to 12 shift, so showering around this time wasn’t too out of the ordinary.

Tyler went into the master bedroom and sat on the bed. His father had a strict rule about not entering the bathroom while someone else was in there. Tyler stuck to that rule, but that meant he was a bit bored. He looked around and noticed his dad had stripped in the bedroom, and not the bathroom. Lying on the ground was an orange jockstrap. Tyler was gay, which his father and the school knew about. He really wanted to go to the party because it was the first one he could go to this year where he actually had a chance of fucking someone. He picked up the jockstrap and brought it to his nose.

He breathed in the stench of his father. The slight tint of pre-cum mixed in with his father’s natural musk excited the senior, who absent-mindedly sniffed the underwear as the shower turned off. A few seconds later, Brian walked out of the bathroom, clad only in a modesty towel.

Brian said, a bit loudly. Tyler snapped out of it and turned around to see his imposing father figure standing over him, shirtless.

“I told you I don’t fucking care if you fuck boys, but I’m off-limits. You know your punishment.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Tyler replied, dropping the jockstrap to the ground. He stripped too as Brian dropped the towel and grabbed some lube from his bedside table. Tyler laid face down on his father’s bed, ready for his punishment. Before he started to fuck his son, Brian grabbed the jock he had been sniffing and shoved it into his mouth.

“Since you fucking love it so much, why don’t you enjoy it while it lasts.” Tyler mumbled in agreement. Brian then lubed up his cock and rammed it into his son. This was not the first time Brian had violated him, and Tyler was not a virgin, so the initial opening was not painful. However, the rest of it was. Tyler had never had a dick in his ass as long as his father’s, and he had an uncanny ability to hit his prostrate on that first thrust. Tyler yelped through the fabric of the jockstrap as Brian just smiled to himself.

As he quickly got himself into a rhythm, he grabbed his son’s hair and yanked him upwards, making him do a yoga pose, specifically cobra. Tyler made sure the jock was firmly lodged in his mouth as the vicious assault on his ass continued. It was quite loud in the bedroom, with Brian’s balls whipping against Tyler’s ass, and the whimpering Tyler had throughout the whole ordeal. Brian hated talking during sex, so all that was uttered from his end were carnal grunts and moans as he violated his son. Ironically, despite the whole ordeal caused by a scent, both of them had showers fairly recently, so the only scent was his father’s jockstrap deliciously close to his nostrils.

After a few minutes of getting his son getting his ass ravaged, Brian pulled out and ordered his son to flip over. He then covered his son in his thick and milky sperm, painting lines down his chest and even covering his jockstrap in some of his cum as well. As he left, he explained to Tyler, “Your shower had a drainage problem, and I have some stuff to do in the bathroom still.” Tyler had to wait as the rivers of cum on his body hardened as his father decided right now was the perfect time to shave his entire body.
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