In the Workplace

“And then, he, uh, uh,…” Christy couldn’t even finish the sentence, but Donald knew what she was trying to say. Their boss, the CEO of the company, Zander Rogers had sexually assaulted the young and naïve new employee.

“It’s okay, Christy. I know exactly how to solve this problem. Go home while I work something out with Zander.”

“Okay,” Christy responded, holding back tears. As she left, Donald got to work unearthing the files that he needed. They were hidden in the deep recesses of his Documents folder, so no unsuspecting intern or employee would ever find them. Eventually, he got there, and then called up his email. He quickly wrote a convincing looking email to Zander, not mentioning Christy, yet. He then attached the files, making sure their thumbnails looked inconspicuous as well.

Zander then got the email a few minutes later. Because of the #MeToo movement, and the fact the company employed a high number of females, he had to open and read each HR email, and respond back. Once he saw one come in from Donald, he quickly read it over. Thankfully, this one was just contracts and stuff, but he did have to look at the attachments. He pressed the first one, entitled contracts.

To his surprise, a document did not open. Instead, it was a program that unleashed a giant spiral onto his screen. There was no way to close it, and Donald had worked closely with his friends in IT to make sure no matter what happened, the spiral would remain working on the screen. The hypnotic effect quickly took over, and Zander slumped down in his seat. He listened as words droned on in the background, bringing him deeper and deeper.

A few minutes later, Donald arrived at his office and was let in. He had earplugs in, and the program on his phone ready to turn off the hypno program. He did so, and Zander became much more alert. However, one of the many commands drilled into him while he was under was the first man he looked at would be his master. That was, of course, Donald.

“What can I do for you, Master?”

“I know what you did to Christy, so now it’s time for revenge. You are going to record yourself jerking off in your offices to loud and verbal gay porn. Once you’re finished, you’ll send me the video, and I’ll send it out so the entire world can see what a disgrace you are. And it will mean Christy will come out on top, in arbitration or trial.”

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