Brought Down a Peg

With the advent of social media, voyeurs no longer needed to trek to bodybuilding competitions or Muscle Beach to stalk hot muscular men, also known as Alphas. Now, they could do it from the safety of their own home, through Instagram. One such Alpha was known to his followers as just Joshua.

To an everyday person, he looked like an Asian stud, but those who liked a lot of his pictures got a special surprise. He ran a secret OnlyFans account, where viewers could pay big bucks to see Joshua enact one of their many fantasies, or just lord over them like the Alpha he was. Many of those who learned about Joshua’s secret page were Omegas, those who needed an Alpha in their life. However, Trystan was not.

He didn’t subscribe to all that mumbo-jumbo, but his brother did. Since he was in charge of their joint finances, he saw his brother’s bank account slowly swindle away, all going to this Joshua person. Trystan eventually got out of his brother the account handle and how to access the secret account. With a flurry of likes, and even being one of the first to like his most recent pic, Trystan was in.

One thing he learned from his brother was that while Joshua made the first move, he never responded. Therefore, Trystan had to put in some hard work. He signed up for an OnlyFans account, and cringed at the price he had to pay for access to Joshua. It was all going to be worth it in the end, however. He found his way over to the request portion of the site, and got it all set up.

He patiently waited over the next few weeks, as his name climbed and climbed the list, until it was finally at number one. The next day, Trystan got a PM from Joshua himself. It was a video, which he opened up and played.

“Hello Master Trystan. I am now your worthless bitch slave. I will do whatever you tell me to. No one else matters but you, Master.”

“Good,” Trystan thought to himself. He had sent Joshua to a link, which was just a simple hypnotic spiral laced with his commands. The vapid hunk quickly got ensnared by the video, and Trystan was going to have some fun. The next day, Joshua’s public video wasn’t the next request. It was him getting humiliated by someone through the web. He had to drink his own piss and eat dirt, amongst other things. Trystan’s voice was loud and clear through the speakers, although it was masked heavily.

Not long after, Joshua’s pay structure changed to something much more lenient. Trystan forced him to give back as much as he could to those afflicted, and even raised some more by hosting a contest where the lucky bidder would get a private video where it was no holds barred. Literally anything the winner wanted, he would do. Trystan just sat back and admired his handiwork, especially the steady stream of income he had coming in from Joshua.

This story was requested by @uglybackstabber. Send me specific requests, and I have a poll for any general ones
from Tumblr

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