That’s the Tea!

Aidan Quinn was your everyday hipster, wearing flannel, bearded, and drinking tea everywhere. His face wasn’t what most people associated with hipsters, but he enjoyed that. It allowed to “pass” as one of the guys sometimes, like at lunch at university. Due to the way the schedules were worked out, none of Aidan’s friends were able to have lunch with him. Quite a few of the jocks were available, though, and after mentioning a white lie about practicing for indoor track, he was in.

However, Jack knew otherwise. What Aidan didn’t know was that the two went to the same high school. It was one of those centralized ones where you couldn’t know everybody. He knew that Aidan was as far from a jock as they come. He ran a 16 minute mile in gym class. Jack wanted him to taste a bit of his own medicine. He found an interesting magic website on the web, that promised they were legit. Jack had his qualms, being a science major himself, but when he injected the formula into a mouse, who bulked up over night, he knew he had something going for him.

The next day, Aidan sat across from him at the dining hall table.

Jack then offered him some tea.

“What’s in it? I only drink locally sourced tea with leaves from a specific tree in a specific forest, man.”

Some of the other jocks just stared at him, as Jack retorted, “It’s fucking tea, Aidan. I heard you had a sore throat.”

“Oh, thanks.” Aidan didn’t want to blow his cover, and drank the tea. For what was a store-brand bag, it didn’t taste half-bad. Aiden then went on with the rest of his day. While he was in class, Jack and Aidan’s roommate set up some cameras in their dorm room. The roommate was up and at ‘em quite early, and never saw Aiden wake up, ever, so Jack knew it would be fun to watch the cameras next morning.

The next morning, Aiden woke up. The first thing he felt was his skin touching the bed. He never slept nude, and it was still a bit chilly out, so pajamas were a must. He whipped off the covers to find a shocking surprise. Overnight, he had put on some massive bulk. He looked like the football jocks he had lunch with. He pinched himself, hoping it was some sort of prank, but it wasn’t. That shit hurt. He rushed to the bathroom mirror to see even more changes.

His facial hair had magically disappeared overnight. His face didn’t change, but he noticed he now had piercing blue eyes. He looked up to see if the hair did sort some of bizarre growth thing into his neck, when he squished his cock against the sink. He looked down, and saw that too had changed. A little bit on the small size yesterday, now he could bag any chick he wanted. He just smiled to himself as he embraced the change.

As he got ready, he found himself in a bit of a predicament. Most of his clothes were size small or medium, but he was now a large, bordering on XL. The only clothes that fit him were baggy sweatpants and a loose hoody. Jack was reveling in the enjoyment of watching Aidan try on a number of different clothes, only for them to get stuck or rip. After he had enough fun watching the newly minted hulk explore himself, he made his way over to the dorm room for the final step, which he hoped would work.

It required him to look at the changed individual, which would cement the mental change as well. He wasn’t sure that this part worked, as he did try it out on a mouse, but it was worth a shot. He knocked on the door and waited for Aidan.

“Hey, Jack,” he said, as he swung the door open. The two made eye contact, and then Aidan slumped the ground. Jack quickly dragged him into the room, and waited by his side until he woke up.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“You’re in your dorm room, Aidan.”

“Oh, that’s right. I have practice later today for football.”

“Yes you do. But first let’s get you to the admissions office.” Jack made sure that everything was set for Aidan Quinn to transform, literally, into Aidan Wynn.

Picture provided and story requested by @superbpeachvoidfish
from Tumblr

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